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We help you evaluate and implement a made-to-fit solution, from amongst several simple and flexible sustainment options, to ensure that your organization continues generating the software intelligence insights you need on an ongoing basis.

Some of the common sustainment options deployed by our customers:

  • In-sourced software intelligence COE operated by you or by a partner, trained and certified by CAST professional services, with regular health touchpoints, training refreshes, and on-demand consulting support provided by CAST consultants on a T&M basis in 2-hour increments.
  • Out-sourced software intelligence COE operated by CAST or by a CAST partner from a low-cost delivery center, with a mix of onshore consultants and SMEs providing software intelligence outcomes and support to your local teams. All non-SaaS software typically resides within your own environment and is integrated and automated to work alongside your other organization assets.
  • Software intelligence provided as a service. You define the software intelligence metrics you need, and when, and your CAST team takes care of the rest. CAST non-SaaS products are installed in either a CAST managed environment or yours, and always kept up to date with our latest technology. Reports and software intelligence outputs are integrated with other assets in your environment such as developer JIRA task pipelines and management dashboards. Named CAST consultants support the service and are reachable through email or phone and organize regular reviews with your teams and with software intelligence leaders in your organization to ensure the intelligence is being adequately understood and used.