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CAST Imaging

Deep insights into your application’s inner workings

The living knowledge base of your software internals. Automated.
Find the answers that you need in minutes, instead of days.

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Today's software is a tangled mix of technologies, microservices, legacy, millions of lines of code.
No human can navigate the complexities on their own.


"CAST is Six Sigma above closest competitor"

Tom Klinect, Sr. Analyst, Gartner, Application modernization best practices

58% of developers time is spent understanding existing code.

IEEE study - Measuring program comprehension

CAST Imaging can cut that time in half.

65% of applications require rearchitecting to take advantage of Cloud.

Cloud migration study by QA-Vector Research

CAST Imaging enables architects to see how legacy code needs to transform.

Developers & Architects spend 36% time in collaboration activities.

IEEE study - The Daily Life of Software Developers

CAST Imaging enables fast and efficient collaboration among distributed development teams.

"We’ve anchored all our applications on to CAST Imaging.
We were able to cut down our transition time by almost 50%."

Nachiket Deshpande

What our clients experienced

"It’s like Google maps. We want the best possible map system and that’s why we work with CAST."

John Granger
SVP IBM Consulting

"A far better productivity of 10 to 15% additional on top of what we are getting today."

Naresh Choudhary
Associate Vice President

"Accelerated transformation via deep software insights"

Prashanth Panduranga
SVP & Head of IT

Swiss Re