Interested in CAST software intelligence?

Use reverse-engineered application blueprints from CAST Imaging for faster induction of newcomers and less time spent making changes.

Accelerating Software Development

Use reverse-engineered blueprints from CAST Imaging for faster, safer, and easier modernization or refactoring for Cloud.

Application Modernization

Automated. Portfolio views. Instant drilldowns. Recommendations.
Operational in a week. Across hundreds of applications.

Rapid insights across your entire portfolio

Compare your applications’ structural condition and ADM delivery performance against industry peers with CAST Appmarq.

Benchmark My Applications

MRI-like visibility into the most complex software systems.

Blueprints of Complex Systems

Accelerate Cloud roadmaps creation, removal of Cloud maturity blockers, optimization of cloud-based applications with CAST Highlight.

Cloud Maturity of My Applications

Insight for digital leaders to protect their business, make better IT investments, communicate with stakeholders, and drive team performance.

Data-driven IT Management

Intelligence to help design security in, bulletproof releases and safeguard sensitive data.

Design Security In

Intelligence for delivery teams and engineers to identify software monsters before they cause outages, security breaches, or corrupt data.

Fixing Structural Flaws in My Software

Use automated software intelligence to help lower the risks and maximize your return on investment.

M&A Tech Due Diligence

Take control of third-party components and open source software to mitigate license & security risks with CAST Highlight.

Software Composition Analysis

Analyze your applications for green impact and identify opportunities to reduce energy consumption.

Green Software Insights