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CAST Imaging

Deep insights into your application’s inner workings

The living knowledge base of your software internals. Automated.
Find the answers that you need in minutes, instead of days.

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CAST Imaging Pricing


CAST Imaging is designed for enterprises using it for their own applications. Each named application requires its own license.
The value of CAST Imaging increases with application’s complexity, driven by application’s size (measured in lines of code).
The price is annual, based on the named application’s size, and includes license, support, and updates.
PeopleSoft, SAP ABAP, and Cobol monolith applications are more verbose and priced at 50% of below prices.
Discounts are available for organization which acquire CAST Imaging for 5 or more named applications.



Annual Price for one Named Application
Application Size
(max number of
Lines of Code)
Annual price $9k $18k $32k $56k $96k Contact CAST

CAST Imaging is an automated living knowledge base of application’s inner workings, seen as an interactive map of all its elements and their relationships, across all layers & technologies.
Three optional Map Extensions provide additional insights displayed right on the map:

  1. Cloud and Containerization Blockers (CCB)
  2. Major Structural Flaws (MSF)
  3. Open-Source Software Risks (OSSR)

One Map Extension is an extra charge of 10% of CAST Imaging. Purchase 2 Map Extensions and receive the 3rd one free of charge.

Additionally, the optional Structural Risk Extension provides insights about the application’s reliability, performance efficiency, maintainability, security, and functional size based on ISO 5055 and ISO 19515 standards. It is an extra charge of 40% of CAST Imaging.

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What our clients experienced

"It’s like Google maps. We want the best possible map system and that’s why we work with CAST."

John Granger
SVP IBM Consulting

"A far better productivity of 10 to 15% additional on top of what we are getting today."

Naresh Choudhary
Associate Vice President

"Accelerated transformation via deep software insights"

Prashanth Panduranga
SVP & Head of IT

Swiss Re