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Rapid Ramp-Up

Experienced people, processes and best practice, allows your organization to get the benefits from Software Intelligence by hitting the ground running. CAST can provide everything from a hosted environment to people who integrate deeply into your organization, to ensure you get the benefits from Software Intelligence.

Enriching your DevOps organization and CI/CD process

CAST can support you by injecting Software Intelligence in a smart way into your DevOps organization and continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) without modifying your existing processes, tools and CI/CD pipelines.

We can help you make this work through :

  • Defining relevant insights
  • Identifying the relevant actors that will consume those insights and the action plans
  • Establishing a CAST Software Intelligence CoE that can feed the developers and other actors (IT Execs, App owners, Architects) with select & relevant insights at zero additional cost and without introduction of “new tools”

Complimenting Your Processes

Software Intelligence can be software insights that sit outside your existing processes to remove any impact, or something to mix with your choice of process and tools.

Whether you have a single application of a portfolio of over 1000, having an MRI like understanding or what you have is a first step. We can help you get to this milestone and beyond. Automating the use of CAST MRI in your processes can ensure that you have regular actionable insights into your applications.