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Application Assessment

For M&A Tech Due Diligence, Troubleshooting Applications, Acquiring Custom-code Software

Get an in-depth readout, with actionable recommendations and supporting data sheets, describing the composition, security risks (including CWE, OWASP, PCI-DSS, STIG), detailed technical debt, software standards compliance (including ISO 5055), code and database complexity, application architecture, cloud readiness, and industry benchmarks for a critical software application or a portfolio of applications that you already own or plan to inherit.

CAST can provide a single deep assessment which allows your company to understand an unfamiliar application or a rapid assessment of your portfolio of applications. This is key in the case of mergers and acquisitions or simply understanding an application landscape that organizations have just taken on. For more information, please follow this link.

Fact-Based Tech Due Diligence - Sample Report

Fact-based Technology Due Diligence

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Architecture Discovery

For Application Modernization, Re-factoring, Re-architecture

Get a graphical representation of the technical components of your current application, including all data tables, code objects and third-party libraries, that you can navigate in real time to discover any part of your application. Get 20+ detailed reports identifying all entry points and exit points to the application, potential dead code, 3rd party API references, module level complexity and objects communicating across modules, topmost referenced data objects and source code objects, all data elements and their associated CRUD matrix, complexity of SQL queries and stored procedures, dependencies between source code and data including all application entry points that lead to data access, plus request additional customized reports to facilitate a fast and comprehensive AS-IS discovery of your current application.