Independent study confirms Asysco’s AMT migration greatly improves overall mainframe system quality

Mar 31, 2022 | Independent study confirms Asysco’s AMT migration greatly improves overall mainframe system quality

CAST software recently conducted an independent assessment of a mainframe migration for the Ingenium Policy Admin System for an insurance company in the US. In this assessment, ISO metrics were compared for the entire mainframe system, using technologies such as COBOL, CICS, Easytrieve, JCL, DB2, FTP running under IBM z/OS, with the migrated environment, using only native Microsoft technologies such as .NET, C#, SQL Server, Azure DevOps, IIS running on x86 under Microsoft Windows.

In all key areas such as Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency, Maintainability, Robustness, Security and Changeability, metrics improved significantly.

IBM Mainframe environment:

Graphical user interface Description automatically generated with medium confidence

Graphical user interface Description automatically generated

Converted AMT .NET environment:

Graphical user interface Description automatically generated

Graphical user interface Description automatically generated

The assessment was done using CAST “Imaging” based on a deep dive syntactic and semantic parsing of all application layers. The assessment model proposed by the CAST platform was a concrete implementation of the ISO-5055 norms, targeting the structural quality as defined by the CISQ ( The abstraction level allows comparing the same software characteristics from different technologies, hence evaluating structural quality the same way for both mainframe and .Net technologies. These measurements are not only useful to assess and scope our code conversion projects, but also enables us to sanitize the source code, pre or post conversion.

The assessment was also evaluated by 7N, a leading data driven digital advisory specialized in solving complex IT challenges. “The result of the study shows that legacy code conversion is a valid alternative that should be taken seriously by those wanting to move away from mainframe setups.” Says Freek Hoekstra, Management Consultant at 7N.

This independent study and evaluation underlines Asysco’s AMT conversion technology leadership and proves that systems migrated by Asysco are a great starting position for further modernisation.

Our mainframe modernization approach allows to move fluidly from re-hosting through refactoring to total transformation. Asysco’s ‘as is code conversion’ approach converts COBOL into modern language without additional emulation software that offers enterprises choice to retire the COBOL or continue to use it.

CAST Imaging reverse engineers and automatically ‘understands’ software systems built with any mix of 3GL, 4GL, Mobile, Web, Middleware, Framework, Database, Mainframe technologies. It creates accurate, zoomable architecture blueprints of all database structures, code components, and their interdependencies that allows faster decoupling, refactoring and re-architecting.

CAST Software also provides CAST Highlight along with CAST Imaging. These “MRI for Software” can be used to define either the pre-migration modernisation roadmap, in case of a large mainframe environment that requires a phased, incremental approach, or a post migration modernisation roadmap, in case of big bang migrations to the cloud.

We also worked with Erik van Enk, Microsoft Global Black Belt Mainframe Modernization on this project. In his words, “Mainframe transformation isn’t easy. So, why is it so hard? In theory mainframe applications looks like a multilayer environment. But they look like a sort of spaghetti when you do a proper assessment. This approach will help and guide getting real insights in the mainframe environment and supports creating the right strategy about how we can transform the mainframe applications to Azure in a controlled and secure way. Knowing all the relations and interdependencies between applications, databases and API’s is key to build a roadmap to transform to Azure”.

Erik says, “another important element is maintainability of the migrated code after the transformation. Any mainframe user still doubting the power and validity of this approach can now comfortably do a pre and post assessment. I am confident that they will get at least the same results”.

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Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT” @microsoft) enables digital transformation for the era of an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge. Its mission is to empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more. Microsoft provides a safe and compliant mainframe landing zone, with security that spans your hybrid environment throughout the transition. Security is Azure’s highest priority and Azure can address the most security sensitive organizations’ requirements. Azure delivers equivalent mainframe functionality and features, at a much lower cost. TCO of the subscription-based, usage-driven cost model is less expensive than mainframe computers.

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