CAST Imaging System helps engineering leads

Shorten the
Learning Curve

Minimize time to onboard new developers and ensure an interactive and engaging learning experience for them


Minimize time spent on search for the right information - code, application structure & architecture


Automated documentation generation to ensure it's always up to date

Get real

A more collaborative team that can easily understand how their work streams affect each other


Ability to extract and share information and schematics helps improve communication with teams, peers and managers

Knowledge Gap

Ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes to knowledge about the application code, design and architecture


With FAST and INTERACTIVE visualization and exploration,
CAST Imaging System provides

Automatically group information

Identify all existing transaction “skeletons”

Focus on most complex technical area by isolating it against the most used components

Highlight database model and ensure adherence between back end and database layers

Search any component and position it on a current graphical view, on a transaction

View source code and all details about any application component

Extract high level software architectures showing all the technologies, frameworks, and databases in the application


These customers trust CAST’s Software Intelligence to make smart IT decisions

With CAST our change requests are 75% faster to execute.

Gene Baker

Chief Architect

Wystar Wealth Management

CAST has shined a light into the black box of our applications.

Dr. Ray Russo

Head of Enterprise IT