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How CAST AIP is different

System-level Analysis

System-level Analysis

CAST AIP analyzes individual software components, the interactions between those components, and access to data layers for a holistic view of the true health of complex systems.

Industry Standard

Industry Standard

Health measures (Robustness, Efficiency, Security, Changeability, Transferability and functional size), are based on standards and represent an accurate reflection of the true health of the software system.



CAST AIP has the unique ability to identify the critical flaws that really matter, i.e the hard-to-find architectural problems which lead to unpredictable stability, performance, security and data integrity issues.



CAST AIP can analyze any data structure and the millions of lines of code across multiple technologies, components, and frameworks. It’s how you build your enterprise-grade applications and it’s how we analyze them.

Why CAST AIP is unique

Like an MRI for software, CAST technology creates a digital image of the internal composition of software. It reverse engineers the database structure, application frameworks, and transactions from all user entries to all data access points. It performs a contextual structural analysis that examines how all components interact with each other and across technology layers. The outcome is an ‘as-is’ architecture blueprint where one can navigate the system, simulate change impact, spot ‘monstrous’ flaws or faulty construction.

CAST for Security

How Structural Analysis Adds Value to Business 

Explore all technologies, frameworks and databases analyzed by CAST AIP






of Frameworks

Broadest technology coverage in the market, constantly updated

Explore all technologies, frameworks and databases analyzed by CAST AIP

Explore all technologies, frameworks and databases analyzed by CAST AIP

CAST has shined a light into the black box of our applications.

Dr. Ray Russo

Head of Enterprise IT


CAST enables us to manage risks in critical transactions that could impact the overall flow.

Laurent Riffaud

Director of Software Maintenance

Safran Group

Sound, thoroughly vetted technology.

Jim Duggan

VP Research


CAST allows us to meet the stated performance, maintainability, and usability requirements within program budget, program schedule, risk, and other system constraints.

John Keane

SCQC Director

U.S. Military Health System