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Intended use
  • Who: By CAST Partners who are embedding, re-selling, or jointly selling a CAST product.
  • When: Software intelligence produced by at least one CAST product is included or embedded into the Partner product or service offering.
  • What: A choice of round and rectangular logos, available in prescribed colors. The choice is solely by Partner based on where logo is used.
  • Where: For use on web pages, presentations, decks, brochures, merchandize, and/or any other promotional, marketing, sales, or support content.
Usage requirements
  • Permission: Logo may be used without specific written permission from CAST under below terms.
  • Goodwill: The use must not be detrimental, harmful or damaging to the value of any of the CAST trademarks, brands, integrity, reputation or goodwill, as determined by CAST in its sole discretion.
  • Reference: Logo must be a "clickable" link that leads directly to castsoftware.com when used on any web pages.
  • Currency: Partner has an unexpired agreement with CAST for using, embedding, re-selling, or jointly selling of CAST products, in good standing.

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