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Junkshon Partners with CAST to Complement Enterprise Cloud Migration Capabilities

London – 01/07/2020 - CAST, the leader in Software Intelligence has announced a partnership with junkshon, a software and services workload mobility company specialising in Cloud infrastructure and application migration and transformation.

Planning and executing a viable Cloud migration strategy is crucial for any organisation looking to remain competitive in today’s digital world. junkshon’s offerings digitize and automate end-to-end Cloud migration, based on unique insights into enterprise IT and applications estate data using AI-driven software tools.  The junkshon software platform, combined with consulting capability, helps enterprises to understand and take full advantage of their Cloud and IT infrastructure.  junkshon currently focuses exclusively on IT and Applications estate data derived through advanced discovery processes, including application surveys.

Junkshon is aligning its offerings to leverage CAST Highlight for rapid analysis of the actual source code of entire application portfolios, in order to be able to objectively assess its Cloud-readiness. CAST Highlight bolsters junkshon’s existing Cloud migration offerings by providing information on the applications that are the best candidates for PaaS, and those that require refactoring in order to succeed in the Cloud. CAST Highlight automatically identifies potential re-host blockers in the source code, and also considers the business context of each application, highlighting the business-critical applications that may require closer inspection.

“A big part of any large-scale migration project is gaining a detailed understanding of the existing IT estate, both at an infrastructure and applications level, and this is a significant element of the junkshon value proposition,” said Martin Southgate, CEO at junkshon. “The partnership with CAST will add valuable source code visibility into the Cloud-readiness of a broader range of applications, allowing us to provide even deeper and sharper insights, and give the best possible advice to support our clients’ migration strategies and meet their ongoing delivery support needs.”

Mark James, Managing Director of CAST UK added: “We are excited to announce the partnership with junkshon.  CAST Highlight enables a rapid, automated, fact-based assessment of applications Cloud readiness. For example, Microsoft Services have embedded it into their standard method to shrink planning of complex portfolios migration to Cloud from 3 weeks to 3 days. This rapid capability, coupled with junkshon’s migration execution prowess and unique platform, sets clients up for a streamlined, comprehensive Cloud journey from the planning phase through the migration itself.”

About Junkshon
junkshon was founded in 2017 with the goal to build the industry’s best software / SaaS solution for the facilitation of enterprise Cloud and DC migration at scale and pace. The company’s workload mobility analytics platform incorporates decades of enterprise experience from a team that has designed, built and run some of the industry’s largest and most complex Cloud and DC migrations.  Services cover Strategy, Application Insights, Migration Planning and Migration Execution. A growing list of enterprises, Cloud providers and migration service providers use junkshon to radically transform the end-to-end Cloud migration journey. Visit https://www.junkshon.com/

About CAST
CAST is the market leader in Software Intelligence, achieving for software what MRI has for medicine: unprecedented visibility. Backed by almost $200 million in R&D, CAST technology drives IT automation at the world’s largest systems integrators and generates insight into complex systems by scanning and understanding software structure, architecture and composition. Customers rely on CAST to make fact-based decisions, see their architectures, detect security threats and ensure the safety and soundness of business applications and software products. Visit www.castsoftware.com.

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