Software Intelligence

See the truth, be a software genius, and deliver super software.

Hundreds of companies rely on CAST Software Intelligence to improve end-user satisfaction and time-to-market, prevent business disruption and reduce cost, enabling them to move past today’s obstacles and to tackle the next wave of innovation.

Software Intelligence is insight into complex software structure produced by software designed to analyze database structure, software framework and source code to better understand and control complex software systems in Information Technology environments.


Software Intelligence consists of…

  • Software health measures such as robustness, efficiency, security, changeability, transferability, complexity and cloud readiness
  • Functional and technical sizing to determine quantity
  • Ability to detect software flaws that create potential outages, security breaches, and data corruption
  • Visualization of software structure and architecture
  • Software benchmarks based on structural analysis

Software Intelligence for Digital Leaders

Software Intelligence helps digital leaders communicate, make decisions, measure and drive teams, protect businesses and brands, continuously improve safety and soundness, and better understand the complexity of critical systems.

Make the Invisible Visible

  • Communicate with peers and leaders with clarity
  • Make IT investment decisions with confidence
  • Measure ADM or vendor productivity and software risk objectively

Know your Software Inside & Out

  • Protect the business and clients from catastrophe
  • Ensure secure and scalable architecture
  • Support development teams

Deliver Super Software

  • Continuously improve application and data safety and soundness
  • Discover application composition at the speed of light
  • Learn secure and sound software engineering

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