Cloud Readiness and Migration

Portfolio intelligence to build smarter cloud migration strategies.

Scan hundreds of applications to find PaaS quick wins, avoid obstacles that slow migration and ensure applications moving to the cloud are structurally sound.

Interview of Patrice Trousset - CIO at Microsoft

Cloud Migration & Cloud Readiness: Is your software Cloud Ready?

Are Your Business Apps Cloud-Ready?

Intelligence-based Cloud Readiness

  • 100 + cloud code patterns that can impede migration
  • Track issues like use of COM components, middleware, system DLLs or impersonated identity

Accelerate and control cloud migration

Identify applications to be sunset and reduce budget and complexity

Re-prioritize modernization investments to align with risk mitigation

Merge applications that are redundant

Find lift and shift candidates

These customers trust CAST’s Software Intelligence to make smart IT decisions

CAST helps companies that need to migrate their application portfolios to the cloud.

Stephane Goudeau

Cloud Architect


CAST can detect which applications are the easiest or best value candidates to migrate.

Samuel Metias

Agile & DevOps Lead