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CAST Highlight - Rapid analysis of application portfolios

Make more informed decisions about application portfolios

CAST Highlight

Rapid insights across your entire portfolio

Automated portfolio governance across hundreds of applications.
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Easily identify risks and opportunities for investment, rationalization, Cloud migration, and improvement.
Based on facts.

Cloud Readiness Insights


Automatically Segment App Portfolios for Cloud Migration

Automatically build an objective migration roadmap across an entire application portfolio in seconds using the Portfolio Advisor for Cloud. Segment and prioritize each application into categories such as Rehost, Refactor, Rearchitect, Rebuild, or Retire.


Visualize Inter-App Dependencies

Visualize application to application dependencies to uncover inter-application linkages that could break during a migration and avoid issues before a migration.

Cloud ready effort estimation

Automatically generated, customizable estimates assess the effort required to make changes when moving to cloud PaaS.

Pinpoint Cloud Migration Blockers

Automatically identify if patterns blocking migration to cloud are used (e.g., COM components or use of persistent files). Get accurate guidance where and how to remediate such blockers.

Leverage Cloud Migration Boosters

Automatically identify if patterns that make cloud migration easier are used (e.g., web configuration files or MySQL) to find opportunities for faster migration.

Cloud Service Recommendations

Identify specific cloud native platform services that are good candidates for an application to utilize once migrated to the cloud for Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, and IBM Cloud.

Accelerate Cloud Containerization

Automatically discover specific source code patterns that prevent adoption of containers and get precise recommendations on how to remove these container blockers.

Ensure Multi-Cloud Readiness

Receive automated insights on the specific cloud patterns in applications that make it easier to be deployed across multiple cloud platforms.

CloudReady Extension for Visual Studio Code

Modernize software faster by shifting left application Cloud readiness assessments. This CloudReady extension for Visual Studio Code identifies Cloud Blockers and line numbers directly within the developer’s environment.


Software Composition Analysis


Open Source Safety score

Automatically detect all open source frameworks and 3rd party components from a proprietary knowledgebase of 100 million+ components. Use the unique Open Source Safety score to prioritize remediation efforts across entire portfolios and focus on the most business critical applications first.

Auto-Generate or Import Existing SBOMs

Automatically generate or import existing SBOMs including an inventory of all OSS components used within the codebase, licenses, versions, and security vulnerabilities. Export SBOMs in various formats including industry standards such as CycloneDX, Word, Excel, PPT, XML, and REST API.

Portfolio Advisor for Open Source

Rapidly prioritize applications with Open Source and third-party component risks across your application portfolio and get automated recommendations on actions to take to reduce vulnerability, license and operational risks.

Proprietary Component Governance

Automate governance of proprietary components and frameworks across an application portfolio by identifying, cataloguing, rationalizing, and managing usage of these components that are referenced within applications.

Detect Common Vulnerabilities & Exposures

Automatically identify all CVEs that pose security risks at the portfolio and application levels. Receive automated email notifications on new CVEs as soon as they are discovered.

Detect Common Weakness Enumerations

Expand security risk insight coverage by identifying CWEs that represent possible future vulnerabilities that have not yet been reported officially as CVEs. Automatically detect CWEs via CAST’s exclusive Open Source Software Intelligence Database (OSSIDB) and structural code quality technology that analyzes the most popular OSS components.

Reduce legal risks

Detect all licenses in use across components at the portfolio and application levels to identify possible legal issues. Customize the license profile policy to meet specific needs of the organization.

Automated Recommendations on Safer Component Versions

Instantly detect which applications use obsolete or unsecure component versions that require upgrades and get automated recommendations on safer versions to use where CVEs have been removed/reduced.

Uncover hidden risks

Detect open source vulnerability and license risks buried in dependent components that your open source components use. Get insights on how to remove these harder to find threats.

SCA Extension for Visual Studio Code

Shift left open source risks to address them earlier in the development cycle. Get open-source component information (version, vulnerabilities, license risk, allow/deny status, etc.) directly in the Visual Studio Code IDE.

SCA Chrome Browser Extension

Get Open Source component information (vulnerabilities, license risk, allow/deny status, available versions, etc.) directly in Chrome when visiting component repository web sites.


Green Software Insights


Automated score of applications’ green impact

Automatically analyze software applications and calculate the Green Impact score at both the portfolio and application levels along with trends over time.

Pinpoint green deficiency patterns in application code

Automatically identify code patterns that contribute to excess resource utilization and energy consumption (e.g., SQL queries inside a loop). Get remediation advice and effort estimates.

Portfolio advisor for green

Automatically segment and prioritize applications to focus on improving green impact. Identify Quick Wins and opportunities for the largest green impact.

Green Impact Benchmark

Gain deeper understanding of application Green Impact relative to other applications in an anonymized benchmark dashboard and compare scores by industry, technology, and other dimensions.

Green Impact Extension for Visual Studio Code

Make software greener by identifying Green Deficiency code patterns with corresponding line numbers directly within the Visual Studio Code developer environment.


Software Health Insights


Portfolio Advisor for Software Maintenance

Automatically identify opportunities to optimize costs, reallocate development resources, improve team skills, and reduce turnover across application portfolios.

Software Resiliency

Make software more robust and reliable with insight into which code patterns are likely to cause production issues and recommendations on how to improve them.

Software Agility

Make software changes faster with insight into which code patterns make applications harder to maintain and recommendations on how to improve them.

Software Elegance

Make software less complex and reduce technical debt with insight into which code patterns are likely to create long-term resiliency risks and recommendations on how to improve them.

Prioritize Business Critical Apps

Capture qualitative information using the survey feature that is mapped to code analysis data for more contextual insights. For example, utilize the business impact of each application to help prioritize decisions across entire portfolios.

Optimize Maintenance Costs

Automatically identify where and why you should increase or decrease your maintenance effort based on code metrics and COCOMO II (latest industry-standard cost estimation model for software development projects).

Identify risky coding practices

Automatically detect hundreds of problematic code patterns and programming practices that reduce health and increase cost. Resiliency, Agility, Elegance metrics give you the facts about your portfolio along with specific recommendations on improvement.

Portfolio Advisor for Technical Debt

Instantly identify where to focus remediation efforts across a portfolio to have the greatest impact on reducing technical debt.


Effortless On-boarding

Onboarding apps takes only minutes: scan code locally, answer a short web-based survey – results are available instantly.

Local Code Scan

Source code doesn’t leave the premises. Scan apps locally, then upload metrics. Or automate the process via a CLI. See how it works.

40+ Technologies

Supported programming languages: Java, Javascript, Python, JSP, COBOL, SAP/Abap, C/C++, C#, PHP, Visual Basic, T-SQL, PL/SQL, Shell…

Application Benchmark

Benchmark against 10,000+ applications comparing metrics using more than a dozen dimensions (e.g. industry, technology, app type, etc.)


Track progress over time to understand if health, cloud readiness, and open source safety is improving across the portfolio and for each application.

Custom Surveys

Customizable surveys enable more contextualized analysis by enhancing technical code analysis insights with qualitative data.

Custom Indicators & Dashboards

Define custom calculations and reporting to develop tailored views.

Standard Format Exports

Export results in PowerPoint, Excel, and XML for local analysis or integration into other tools.

CI/CD DevOps Connection

Connect with any CI/CD pipeline or DevOps toolchain through a configurable command line to automate source code analysis.

Public Rest API

Key metrics can be extracted and integrated with other systems such as EA, APM, or PPM tools, using the public REST API.

Role-Based Dashboards

Enroll users with different profiles and associated visibility: Portfolio Managers, Contributors and Viewers.

Out of the Box Integrations

Turnkey extensions are available for GitHub, BitBucket, Azure DevOps and Jira to automate code scanning and automatically create tickets based on software intelligence.

What Our Clients Experienced

"We needed a turn-key solution that would provide us with actionable indicators across our portfolio."

Pascal Bernal

"Application cloud readiness assessments went from 3+ weeks down to 3 days with the same accuracy."

Jeremy Woo-Sam
Azure Blackbelts Lead

"CAST Highlight enabled us to assess OSS risks across all our applications in minutes versus hundreds of hours."

Marilyn Hartnett
VP, Open Source Governance


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