Software Composition Analysis

Take control of third-party components and open source software
to mitigate license & security risks


Check Third-Party


Control Open Source
License Compliance

Technology Obsolescence

Identify and quantify Third-Party and Open Source software across your Application Portfolio

Identify Third-Party and Open Source Software

On average, an application uses +200 open source components. While OSS helps developers implement faster, you need to continuously identify and qualify these third-party components.

Get the list of third-party security vulnerabilities impacting your applications

Complete listing of known third-party security vulnerabilities 

Open source is one of the major entry points for hackers. Highlight continuously identifies if the third-party components you’re using contain security vulnerabilities (CVEs).

Ensure your applications comply with your license policies

Ensure your applications comply with your license policies

As your development teams are not legal experts, Highlight provides visibility on the licenses used in a matter of minutes.

Fight against technology obsolescence of your application landscape

Fight technology obsolescence 

For both functional and security reasons, it’s important that your third-party components are always up to date. Highlight instantly detects which applications use obsolete component versions that require upgrades.

Visualize version timelines of Open Source components for smarter upgrades

Visualize Open Source component life cycles

Highlight visualizes version timelines (and CVEs) of millions of open source projects to help development team decide the best upgrade path easily.

What our customers say about Highlight…

  • With CAST Highlight, organizations will easily detect the applications which are the best value-candidate to migrate to the cloud, but also those which will be easier to migrate thanks to the code-level analytics the solution brings.

    Samuel MetiasAgile & DevOps Lead at Microsoft
  • CAST Highlight should be of great help for any company that needs to migrate its application portfolio to the cloud.

    Stephane GoudeauCloud Architect at Microsoft
  • PaaS migration is the next evolution in cloud migration – and CAST Highlight is there to help.

    Eric HallCEO at HCG (Hartford Consulting Group)