CAST Highlight

Rapid application portfolio analysis

Automated source code analysis of hundreds of applications in a week for Cloud Readiness, Open Source risks, Resiliency, Agility. Objective software insights combined with qualitative surveys for business context.

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Enterprise Application Portfolio Pricing

CAST Highlight SaaS subscriptions are designed for enterprise organizations analyzing applications they own and are priced based on the size of the application portfolio. Each application portfolio requires its own subscription and for portfolios larger than 1,000 applications, the subscription sizes below can be combined to accommodate any size portfolio.

Key Capabilities Complete Insights Cloud Insights SCA Insights
Source code analysis + surveys

Software resiliency & agility insights

Software Maintenance Insights

Technical Debt

Private data risks

Cloud Readiness and Effort Estimates

Container Readiness

Cloud Blockers and Boosters

Cloud native service recommendations

Open Source Security risks

Open Source License risks

Open Source recommendations

Component obsolescence and lifecyle


Annual Pricing by Size of Application Portfolio* (unlimited users)
Subscription Size S M L XL XXL
Portfolio Size
(Max # of Apps)
25 100 250 500 1000
Complete $33k $91k $145k $217k $364k
Cloud $25k $70k $104k $163k $270k
SCA $26k $73k $109k $170k $282k

Included no-charge CAST Services** - 5 days (S), 10 days (M), 15 days (L), 20 days (XL), 27 days (XXL)

For clients and partners that would like to analyze a single application with CAST Highlight, the following option is available:
Complete Insights for a single named application, annual subscription: $6K / €6K (services not included)

*Each application portfolio to be analyzed requires its own discreet subscription and subscriptions cannot be shared across multiple portfolios supporting different companies and/or belonging to different owners. Applications within a portfolio are defined as "named applications" in the CAST Highlight SaaS portal. Applications can be defined in several ways and according to different boundaries. A typical application is a set of custom code-based software components that support a particular business function, such as an order management system, a website to make a reservation, or a software product, packaged or embedded into a large system or hardware. Actual statistics across hundreds of CAST customers show that the average number of “applications” that constantly evolve and carry most of the software risk and cost per organization varies from 10 to 1000, from small IT departments to very large ones. Applications must be owned or licensed to the company client and support its own business processes or products.

Annual subscriptions are automatically renewed unless cancelled with a 60-day notice.

CAST Highlight is a highly secured SaaS platform that is ISO 27001 certified. Analysis results are stored in a client reserved cloud, hosted on AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud, but the process never requires the upload of source code or database scripts to the cloud. [See How It Works]

**All new subscriptions (excluding single app subscriptions) include CAST services that ensures high satisfaction and value delivery making CAST Highlight fully automated and scalable. Even if an organization has limited resources, CAST will take care of everything including:

  • Assignment of a dedicated Consultant to manage customer success with CAST Highlight
  • Kickoff meeting with executive sponsor and stakeholders to confirm objectives, review deployment process, and agree on roles/responsibilities
  • Assistance in setting up and executing analysis campaigns and interpreting results
  • Implementation of best practices for automating campaigns
  • Optional - CAST Highlight Certification

See detailed scope of services included.