CAST Highlight

Rapid application portfolio analysis

Automated source code analysis of hundreds of applications in a week for Cloud Readiness, Open Source risks, Resiliency, Agility. Objective software insights combined with qualitative surveys for business context.

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Secure, Simple and Lightning Fast

No centralized code repository? Application owners distributed around the world? Confidentiality or security concerns related to the source code? No problem…

No hassle code analysis, no deployment process or infrastructure needed. Just these 3 steps to get unprecedented insight into your application portfolio – TODAY.


Step 1


Distributed and Light Speed Analysis

Executive sponsor sends email communication to all project leads with context and simple instructions. Project leads or application owners download an agent, scan their code and answer a few questions. For continuous monitoring, the agent integrates within your CI/CD environment through a command line. Hundreds of project leaders can complete the process simultaneously in minutes.

Distributed and Light Speed Analysis

Step 2


Upload Encrypted Results into Private, Secure Cloud

Upload an encrypted analysis results file to our portal. CAST Highlight is compliant with the highest regulations, standards, and best practices in security (ISO 27001). And again, no source code is transferred by this process.

Upload Encrypted Results into Private, Secure Cloud

Step 3


Unprecedented Management Insight

CAST Highlight uses your survey responses to contextualize the source code-based intelligence to instantly generate dashboards and analytics (heat maps, charts, tiles, etc.)
Bring data and facts to your app modernization, IT budgeting, open source risk management, cloud migration and application portfolio rationalization decisions. These metrics can also be consumed in your organization by our public API.

See CAST Highlight in Action

CAST Highlight Cloud Readiness Demo

Cloud Readiness Demo

CAST Highlight Software Composition Analysis Demo

Software Composition Analysis Demo