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Wall Street Journal highlights real-world implications of technical debt

New York and Paris – March 5, 2024 – Last week, CAST Chief Scientist Bill Curtis sat down with The Wall Street Journal for an in-depth discussion of the real-world effects of vastly accumulating technical debt in the custom-built software underpinning the most critical business processes for its recent feature, “The Invisible $1.52 Trillion Problem: Clunky Old Software.

The discussion highlighted how these critical systems are built over time, with increasing complexity, and never perfectly documented. The result is, “an accumulation of quick fixes and outdated systems never intended for their current use, all of which are badly in need of updating.”

Compounding the problem is that typically after five to eight years, all the original developers move on to other projects. This drives the acute need for use of software intelligence technologies to extract that knowledge for the teams maintaining and modernizing the applications, so that they can innovate faster and deliver safer, more resilient, and more efficient software.

The full Wall Street Journal article capturing the discussion is available here.

About CAST

CAST, the software intelligence leader, provides technology that automatically understands how custom-built applications work and provides insights into their inner structures. It augments the human capacity to help application owners modernize and continuously enhance their software.

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