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Game-changing capability for faster cloud migration now available in CAST Imaging

New York and Paris – March 21, 2023 – CAST, the software intelligence pioneer and category leader, today announced a new capability in CAST Imaging that automatically identifies and visualizes “cloud blockers”—inhibitors preventing custom-built applications from migrating and running smoothly in the cloud.

With digital leaders looking to increase business agility and reduce operating costs by migrating complex applications to the cloud, these new capabilities couldn’t be timelier.

Now, CAST Imaging automatically pinpoints cloud blockers among the thousands of objects that comprise an application and highlights each in context. They are now displayed in an interactive application blueprint that maps all elements and their dependencies, from the user interface to the database, across all technology layers.


“With these new capabilities, lead developers and application architects can now instantly see cloud blockers and how to remove them,” said Luc Perard, CAST’s vice president, Global Product Marketing. “Development teams can focus remediation efforts exactly where needed, with all information at their fingertips, to work faster and more efficiently.”

This builds upon CAST Imaging’s unique ability to “understand” custom-built applications. By automatically providing a living knowledge base of their inner workings, it gives architects and subject matter experts the answers they need in minutes instead of days or weeks, enabling radically increased business responsiveness, development efficiency, and faster onboarding of newcomers.

The hundreds of software-intensive companies, top management consultancies, ten largest system integrators, and top three cloud vendors that already use CAST to maintain and enhance business-critical applications can now benefit from deeper insights to accelerate modernization and migration to the cloud.

About CAST

CAST, the software intelligence leader, provides software that ‘understands’ multi-technology software systems and automatically derives insights about their inner workings–interactions between all its elements, transaction flows, data access paths, changes needed to move to cloud, open-source risks, green impact, ISO 5055 compliance, etc. It is used globally by thousands of digital leaders, helping them make smarter decisions, maintain, and transform custom software with greater speed, and exert better ongoing control of the risks involved. Visit castsoftware.com.