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Developers can now remove cloud migration blockers right from Visual Studio Code

New York and Paris, January 4, 2022 - Migrating business-critical applications to Cloud inevitably requires code changes as they are typically built for very different environments. CAST Highlight can analyze hundreds of applications in a week and automatically pinpoint where and what changes need to be made, what cloud native services to use, and estimate the required migration effort. The product is typically used by application owners and cloud migration experts to accelerate the assessment, planning, and execution of cloud migration programs.

Today, CAST is enhancing CAST Highlight to make it easier for individual developers to address the required changes faster.

The new CloudReady Extension for Visual Studio Code enables developers to see the code patterns that prevent or hinder migration to Cloud right in their integrated development environment. The extension shows the lines of code where these ‘cloud blockers’ are found and by clicking on each blocker they can see exactly the code affected as well as the suggested remediation. It arms developers with the intelligence they need to quickly remove existing blockers and avoid introducing new ones, without leaving their environment.

The new extension for Visual Studio Code is available to all CAST Highlight subscribers.

For more information, please contact Stephanie Watkins at s.watkins@castsoftware.com

Developers can now remove cloud migration blockers right from Visual Studio Code


About CAST

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