Smarter Portfolio Rationalization

Accelerate cloud migration using rapid portfolio analysis. Automatically.

Less than 40% of cloud migrations succeed when using
subjective, survey-based readiness assessments.*

Decisions on which applications to migrate are being made using gut instincts and subjective information causing unexpected roadblocks and migrations that are taking years to complete. And, if an organization does decide to invest the time to truly analyze their application readiness for migration to PaaS, it could take an architect weeks or even months to assess a single application.

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Application Portfolio Assessment For Cloud Readiness

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CAST Highlight can assess Cloud Readiness of 100s of applications in days, using objective data to ensure accuracy.

CAST Highlight automatically analyzes application source code of an entire application portfolio to develop a fact-based roadmap to the cloud.

Organizations can rapidly segment and prioritize applications using the Cloud Ready Index** based on specific patterns found automatically in application source code that could prevent (Blockers) or accelerate (Boosters) cloud migration.

**Cloud Ready Index: A metric calculated by CAST Highlight on a scale of 0 – 100 that measures how ready an application is to be migrated to the cloud in a PaaS (Platform as a Service) state.


  • Prioritize cloud candidates based on both technical and business impacts
  • Spot and fix Cloud Blockers that slow down migration
  • Identify Cloud Boosters to take advantage of cloud native capabilities
  • Detect open source component risks that should be addressed before migration

With CAST Highlight you can:


Segment & Prioritize an Application Portfolio.

Automatically build an objective migration roadmap across an application portfolio in hours versus weeks. Segment and prioritize each application based on its Cloud Ready Index and its Business Impact to the organization.

Segment & Prioritize an Application Portfolio. In hours.

Identify Quick Wins.

Automatically identify quick win applications that require less work to modernize for cloud and can be migrated first to gain confidence and credibility. Use objective, technical data coming directly from analysis of source code to ensure accuracy.

Identify Quick Wins. Based on facts.

Pinpoint Cloud Migration Blockers & Boosters.

Automatically identify Blockers (e.g., Persistent File Usage, COM Components, etc.) and Boosters (e.g., use of a web configuration file, MySQL, etc.). Get accurate guidance on exactly where each of the Blockers occur within the code of each application. Learn how to remediate these Blockers before migration instead of using subjective estimates to ensure a more successful and faster migration.

Pinpoint Cloud Migration Blockers & Boosters. Based on facts.

Understand & Mitigate Open Source Risks.

Automatically perform Software Composition Analysis (SCA) to detect all open source components in use throughout the portfolio and the associated risks. Identify security vulnerabilities, open source licensing risks, or obsolete components that need to be addressed or upgraded before a migration in minutes versus the weeks it would take using manual code reviews.

Understand & Mitigate Open Source Risks. In Real Time.

Visualize App to App Dependencies.

Automatically visualize application to application dependencies to uncover inter-application linkages that could break during a migration and avoid migration issues before a migration.

Visualize App to App Dependencies. In Real Time.

Where a cloud expert could spend weeks to assess the capability for a single application to move to PaaS, CAST Highlight makes that possible for an entire portfolio of applications in days, using objective data to ensure accuracy.

"We worked with CAST and blew our client’s mind. Within a month we were able to deliver tangible insights with speed and accuracy unlike the traditional manual survey-based approach used in the past."

Vishy Padmanabhan
Bain & Company

What Our Clients Experienced

"CAST complements our offerings with hard facts and metrics."

Benjamin Rehberg
Partner & Managing Director

"Easily detect the applications which are best candidates and easiest to migrate to cloud."

Samuel Metias
Agile & DevOps Lead

"We needed a turn-key solution that would provide us with actionable indicators across our portfolio."

Pascal Bernal