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Software intelligence at your fingertips

cloud maturity, technical debt, software composition, resiliency, agility, maintenance costs, green impact
CAST Highlight Overview
  • What are my best opportunities to reduce costs?
  • Do I have new legal and IP exposures this month?
  • Are risky components, like Log4J, still being used?
  • Who exactly is using the custom framework we built?
  • Are we making progress in getting ready for cloud?
  • Are we optimizing for cloud the software already there?
  • What needs to change? How much work is involved?
  • Which projects are more likely to be derailed?
  • Are critical systems likely to go down in production?
  • How do I make my software greener and show that?
  • What do I keep improving, in a most efficient way?

CAST Highlight enables

Ongoing reduction of maintenance costs and technical debt

Leaders have a single, integrated view of their portfolio. Based on facts and auto-recommendations, they can see where to lower maintenance costs, optimize resource allocation, reduce technical debt, rationalize redundancies, and avoid production outages.

Ongoing reduction of maintenance costs and technical debt
Faster cloud migration and ongoing optimization

Cloud leaders automatically segment and prioritize applications for migration (5Rs) and optimization in cloud based on technical characteristics and business impact. They can instantly drill down to see what needs to change in the code and how, the estimated effort, and best-fit cloud native services.

Faster cloud migration and ongoing optimization
Stronger control of open-source legal and security risks

Traditional SCA technology can be costly, hard to manage, and fatiguing to developers. CAST Highlight is operational in weeks across all applications. Security, architecture, and compliance teams get automatic recommendations on priority actions helping them focus on the most critical security vulnerabilities and IP licensing exposures. Without disrupting developers.

Stronger control of open-source legal and security risks

Green software development is emerging as the next logical step for enterprises to make their technology more sustainable and meet emerging requirements. CAST Highlight pinpoints green deficiencies in the code and how to address them to lower CO2 emissions, while improving costs, performance, and resiliency.

Greener software

Key Capabilities

AI-Powered · 50+ technologies · Customizable dashboards · Instant drilldowns · REST APIs · CI/CD plug-ins

Key Capabilities
Cloud maturityGreen impactSoftware compositionSoftware health

Software health

  • Resiliency, agility, technical debt insights
  • Maintenance cost optimization advice
  • Portfolio rationalization recommendations
  • Trends and progress monitoring
  • Benchmarking against industry peers

Cloud maturity

  • Automated 5Rs recommendations
  • Cloud native blocker insights
  • Effort estimates & remediation advice
  • Cloud native service recommendations
  • Multi-cloud & container readiness insights

Software composition

  • OSS licensing and IP risk identification
  • OSS security vulnerability detection
  • SBOM creation and importing
  • Priority action recommendations
  • Proprietary component governance
  • Emerging vulnerability detection (weaknesses)

Green impact

  • Quick win recommendations
  • Green deficiencies identification
  • Remediation advice and effort estimates
  • Trends and progress monitoring
  • Benchmarking against industry peers

Sample Portfolio
Governance Report

See a sample portfolio report for 17 applications generated automatically by CAST Highlight – the application control tower.

Download the report