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Organizations now have 100x more software than just 10 years ago

Arstechnica and Dimensional Research

CIOs, CTOs, software leaders feel overwhelmed by complexity, limited visibility, lack of facts. There is no single integrated view of their application portfolio.

How do you govern the chaos of your sprawling portfolio?

  • What are the best opportunities to reduce costs?
  • Where might I have open source legal or security exposure?
  • How do I modernize applications to be cloud native?
  • Am I producing greener software year over year?
  • Where can I shift maintenance resources to optimize costs?
  • Which critical applications are most likely to go down in production?

As portfolios grow to hundreds or thousands of applications, these questions become virtually impossible to answer with speed, confidence, and accuracy

CAST Highlight ‘understands’ application source code and automatically produces fact-based, technical insights across the entire portfolio

Automated Control Tower - operates across all applications enabling leaders to govern and make decisions based on facts – not opinions or the loudest voices