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Senior Solution Architect (NY/US)

Product & Engineering | US

About CAST

CAST is the software intelligence category leader. CAST technology can see inside custom applications with MRI-like precision, automatically generating intelligence about their inner workings - composition, architecture, transaction flows, cloud readiness, structural flaws, legal and security risks. It’s becoming essential for faster modernization for cloud, raising the speed and efficiency of Software Engineering, better open source risk control, and accurate technical due diligence. CAST operates globally with offices in North America, Europe, India, China. Visit www.castsoftware.com.

What You’ll Do

Work closely with prospects, existing clients and partners to understand their challenges and design a solution tailored to their needs.

Deliver product demonstrations at various phases of the sales cycle. This includes showcasing product functionality, architecture, and value delivered and impact to their business.

Lead Pilot and POC effort in all sales engagements, managing a project from end to end. This includes supervising data collection and analysis using CAST technology and articulating different proofs (technical proof, value proof, implementation proof and economic proof).

Responsible for a formal document and presentation of the account to the implementation team to ensure customer success.

Gather feedback from the field (prospects, existing clients and partners) for product enhancement, collaborate with Product Management team, and make an impact on the product roadmap. Deliver customized roadmap presentations to clients.

What You’ll Need

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and three years’ experience or Associate’s Degree in Computer Science and five years’ experience as Solution Architect, Sales Engineer, Developer or Application Architect.
  • Two years of the experience must have been in distributed technologies (Java, .Net, JavaScript, PowerBuilder, Delphi) and database technologies (Postgres, Oracle, SQL Server, Graph DB, NoSQL DB).
  • One year of the experience must be in legacy technologies (Cobol, JCL, IMS, RPG, ALGOL) and six months of experience with CAST Application Intelligence Platform.

Salary Range: $165,000 - $175,000

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