Cost Reduction

Intelligence to reduce IT operating and development cost and effort.

Software intelligence to eliminate inefficient processes and to simplify complex processes that are expensive to operate.

MIPS Reduction

Identify poor performance and high-usage processes in today's integrated mainframe stack.

Webinar: 'How NCDOT Accelerated
Modernization & Achieved $1.2M ROI'

Continuous Cost Improvement

Improve application performance and design in complex and continuously changing environments.

Paper: The Productivity Impact of Improving
Structural Quality

Value of quality driven cost optimization

  • Reduction of incidents and corrective actions
  • Improved resource utilization and efficiency
  • Reduced development time and effort
  • Simplification of new developments
  • Mitigation of application and data risk exposure

I have to continue to deliver the same level of functionality and innovation, at the same quality, but with a significantly lower budget. That’s where CAST helps us.

Gil Hoffman


Maritz Travel

We measure software quality at a structural level, in addition to the functional level through testing, to make the right tradeoffs between delivery speed, business risk, and technical debt.

Thaddeus Arroyo



The most important thing is to adapt to the business issues. CAST is supporting our continued improvement by measuring how one team is doing compared to the average and how the team is developing over time. That enables us to do more with less and to reduce maintenance costs every year.

Jean-Paul Schmidt

Executive Director

Sopra Steria

We achieved a ROI of USD $1.2M in less than three years.

Gloria Mittman

IT Manager

State of North Carolina Department of Transportation

CAST helped us reduce a transaction from USD $2000 per day in MIPS to less than $100 per day.

Velinda Moore

Technical Lead

State of North Carolina Department of Transportation