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Resiliency & Regulatory Compliance

Ensure resiliency with fact-based software intelligence.

"90% of the most serious production issues come from technology and system-level flaws."

-Richard Soley, CEO, OMG


Financial Services organizations are now more concerned than ever about risk and compliance. Both the Fed and the European commission require financial institutes to comply with a list of standards to ensure resiliency of the software systems. A mix of legacy and modern technologies in large financial organizations make compliance a herculean task. However, with CAST – the MRI for software, compliance could be achieved with very little manual effort. CAST Software Intelligence saves significant time spent by architects and software leaders understanding the existing systems and their interdependencies.

Ensure resiliency using CAST

A step by step assessment

Ensure Resiliency of Cloud Native Microservices Applications

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CAST performs precise and deep analysis of the structural quality of an
entire application portfolio


The CAST ‘MRI for Software’ blueprints the complex enterprise application landscape and identifies all interdependencies. The analysis engine dives deep into individual applications to perform structural analysis. While the inter- application analysis ensures compliance to business continuity and disaster recovery prerequisites, the intra- application analysis takes care of compliance to data safety standards such as PCI -DSS.



  • Create a fool-proof disaster recovery strategy by mapping all dependencies
  • Recover fast from outages and reduce the mean time to repair
  • Design resiliency into the system
  • Identify and address the list of non-compliant application links and data usage
  • Monitor ongoing developments and changes to ensure adherence to the industry standards

With CAST you can:


Assess risk and rationalize portfolios.

CAST analyses the code and integrates the results with business context to create heat maps that identify trouble spots, prioritized based on business impact of the interconnected and dependent components of the portfolio.

Map dependencies across the enterprise technology landscape.

CAST creates a complete map of the bank’s application portfolio including app to app dependencies and how they are connected. Insights on the dependencies between applications identify the failover risks and the potential domino effect impacting the resiliency of the entire system.

Monitor compliance to industry standards.

CAST automatically scans the source code of a software and accurately detects the violations to industry specific security standards such as the PCI-DSS. The comprehensive reports enable reporting and monitoring the adherence to data safety standards.

Reduce data compliance risk with GDPR, CCPA and other data safety regulations.

Analyze applications for specific keyword patterns and configure custom scoring to prioritize the most sensitive data first. Start at the portfolio level and drill down to specific apps to identify the specific sensitive data patterns that need to be investigated further for compliance.

Ensure resiliency of individual applications.

At the application level, a review of resiliency best practices such as the error and exception handling across transactions and multiple technology layers provides insight on the robustness of a given system and identifies the weak links, if any.

CAST enables enterprises to design and build resiliency into the system. Through automated precise analysis, CAST identifies and prevents the failure of critical software systems.

"CAST helps you become proactive with resiliency. In 2 years, we went down to no incidents, guided by software intelligence."

Kevin Fedigan
Former CIO, BNY Melon

What Our Clients Experienced


"Real Insight of Structural Quality issues enables us to reduce the business impact of outages."

Andrew Mountford
Senior Enterprise Architect


"We’ve seen a significant upward trend in the level of overall quality that has translated into fewer in-production failures."

Hank Hyatt
Head of Equities IT


"CAST helps you become proactive with resiliency, In 2 years, we went down to no incidents, guided by software intelligence."

Kevin Fedigan
Former CIO