An Intelligent approach toward application security

security in

Review architecture design, security hotspots, non-secure transactions - project impact on the threat model before coding

Secure architecture

Detect, measure and enforce engineers' adherence to custom and standard architectural rules

Contextual software

Focus on the security vulnerabilities that are contextual, critical and relevant, and filter out the rest

Measure Security

Calibrated quality model that scores application security in a reliable, consistent way that can be measured and benchmarked


Key features of security dashboard

Identify objects with security flaws in the dev pipeline

Gain insight into why specific defects are occurring and guidelines for fast remediation

Create action plans based on a prioritized list of high impact issues

Identify structural and architectural defects and blocker in your riskiest objects and transactions

Get clear direction on flaw remediation

Drill-down to identify specific code location of critical flaws

Validate against industry standard rules


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