Health Dashboard helps digital leaders

Communicate with Clarity

Health Dashboard arms digital leaders with a superior fact base to influence C-levels, peers, partners and vendors

Decide with Confidence

Deciding to act has never been easy, but seeing the truth about software lets digital leaders take the next step with confidence

Measure with Precision

You can’t control what you can’t measure - precise, real-time measurement helps digital leaders get a grip on their business

Key features of Health Dashboard

At-a-glance summary of your software health in terms of robustness, security, efficiency, changeability, transferability and quality

Accurate sizing metrics that show what you have to manage and how far you've gotten

Heatmap to quickly find where you are at highest risk

Trending analysis to benchmark performance over time

Fast facts on the evolution of your software

These customers trust CAST’s Software Intelligence to make smart IT decisions

CAST shows us where to invest, something the business folks can see and better appreciate.

Frederic Veron

Enterprise CIO

Fannie Mae

We measure software quality at a structural level to make the right tradeoffs between delivery speed, business risk, and technical debt.

Thaddeus Arroyo



We share the CAST results between the group’s CIOs – not to compare the systems with each other but to provide information on the fastest systems and those that are at least risk, using facts and figures.

Laurent Riffaud

Director of Software Maintenance

Safran Group