Engineering Dashboard helps engineering leads and teams

Protect from Catastrophe

Inline identification of critical software flaws that often cause havoc

Improve Safety and Soundness

Precise and accurate findings of issues related to robustness, efficiency, and security to improve safety and soundness of the software

Support Delivery Teams

In-cycle software engineering insight and recommendations to the development team

Key features of Engineering Dashboard

Ability to quickly identify multi-component software flaws

Ability to validate against industry standard rules

Drill-down to identify specific code location of critical flaws

Architectural flaws inside the riskiest objects and transactions

Action plans based on optimized list of high impact issues

Insight into why specific defects are occurring and guidelines for fast remediation

These customers trust CAST’s Software Intelligence to make smart IT decisions

CAST tells us exactly what we need to fix, instead of drowning us in findings

Mike Furniss

Head of QA

Coke Bottling Investment Group

CAST could have prevented it!

Stephen Sepulveda

VP, Application Performance & Process Management