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Microsoft and CAST

Build your Azure migration roadmap and modernize complex software systems faster with fact-based software intelligence

Microsoft announces winner of Pledge to Progress: Sustainability Hackathon


Microsoft Azure helps organizations achieve their goals with the freedom and flexibility to build, manage, and deploy applications anywhere. Microsoft and CAST help businesses quickly assess application portfolios for PaaS migration and blueprint complex systems for faster re-factoring, powered by CAST software intelligence.

CAST Software Intelligence compliments Microsoft services and accelerates the journey to Azure by 5x

CAST Software Intelligence compliments Microsoft services and accelerates the journey to Azure by 5x

Microsoft equips its customers and SI partners with CAST Highlight and CAST Imaging to accelerate and de-risk their application migration and modernization to Azure and on Azure.

CAST is integrated in the following Microsoft solutions:

  • Azure Migration & Modernisation Program (AMMP)
  • Solution Assessment Program
  • Microsoft Digital & App Innovation solutions
  • Microsoft Mainframe Modernization solutions
  • Microsoft Services/Cross Industry Solutions

CAST Highlight - Smarter Portfolio Rationalization

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CAST + Microsoft Solutions

Microsoft and CAST Partnership Summary
CAST and Azure Migrate accelerate application migration and modernization
Cloud migration & modernization in FSI sector
Mainframe modernization powered by Microsoft, CAST and Asysco
Re-factoring with confidence and speed - Microsoft
CAST in the Microsoft Solution Assessment Program

CAST Imaging - Faster System Refactoring

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Case Studies

Volkswagen Financial Services Adopts Azure PaaS Faster with Software Intelligence Insights from CAST Highlight
How Auto Tech Firm Accelerates Large Scale App Containerization for Cloud with CAST Highlight
Wells Fargo Performs Faster, Safer Modernization across 1000s of Applications with Software Intelligence from CAST
Telefónica Accelerates Cloud Migration And Modernization Of Complex Applications To Microsoft Azure With CAST Highlight

CAST on Microsoft Platforms

CAST Highlight extensions for Azure DevOps
CAST Highlight on Azure Marketplace