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Xebia adds Software Intelligence from CAST to its portfolio of Digital Transformation Consulting Services

Paris and Amsterdam - CAST, the leader in Software Intelligence, announced a partnership with Xebia, an IT consultancy agency specialized in digital transformation, IT strategy, cloud infrastructure, and software security.

Xebia will enhance its consulting offerings with CAST’s powerful ‘MRI for software’. Enabling the delivery of fact-based cloud readiness assessments, the acceleration of legacy application modernization, and the generation of critical IT insights to help clients make informed decisions on how to execute a meaningful digital transformation best.

“Xebia is proud to announce the collaboration with CAST Software. From strategy to technology implementation, we have everything under one roof for full-stack digital transformation. With our tools, training, and consulting services, we accelerate businesses to become better, smarter and faster,” says Dennis Kaltofen, Partner at Xebia.

Navigating the digital transformation journey is a challenge, and a lack of visibility into the application portfolio often adds extra complexity. To better meet client demand, regardless of where they are along this journey, Xebia provides a robust array of Business (Agility), Technology & Software Intelligence-related services to help roadmap, execute, and deliver upon modernization goals.

“With more than 25 years of experience scanning and understanding software’s inner structure, CAST technology delivers unprecedented visibility into complex enterprise applications,” says Alexandre Charlet, Managing Director of Northern Europe at CAST. “We are excited to partner with Xebia, adding their deep business acumen and technical insight to form a complete, packaged offering that helps organizations understand their IT estate while driving digital innovation.”

About CAST
CAST is the market leader in Software Intelligence, achieving for software what MRI has for medicine: unprecedented visibility. Backed by almost $200 million in R&D, CAST technology drives IT automation for the world’s largest systems integrators and generates insight into complex systems by scanning and understanding software structure, architecture, and composition. Customers rely on CAST to make fact-based decisions, visualize architectures, detect security threats, and ensure the safety and soundness of business applications and software products. Learn more at www.castsoftware.com

About Xebia
Xebia Group consists of eight specialized, interlinked companies: Xebia, Xebia Academy, StackState, GoDataDriven, Xpirit, Xccelerated, Instruqt and Binx.io. As a pioneering IT consultancy company, Xebia delivers high-quality services to cover all aspects of digital transformation from start to finish, from strategy to execution. Expert collectives specialized in Data & AI, Cloud, DevOps, IT Security, Software Development, Business Agility, Product Management, Training & Learning and Quality Improvement, empower our brand. With offices in Amsterdam, Utrecht and Hilversum (Netherlands), France, India, US, and Dubai, we employ over 1100 people worldwide and annually generate 100 million Euro in revenue. Learn more at www.xebia.com