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CAST Highlight now listed in Project Frame's Greenhouse Gas Impact Resource Dashboard for emissions-conscious investors

New York and Paris – Sep. 6, 2023CAST Highlight is now listed in Project Frame's Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Impact Resource Dashboard targeted at investors and ventures seeking available tools, service providers, and other resources to assess and report emissions impact. With the GHG Impact Resource Dashboard, investors can easily filter tools and services to understand GHG mitigation. In turn, tool and service providers can promote themselves to investor groups interested in supporting GHG emission mitigation efforts.

Project Frame is a program of Prime Coalition, a non-profit that steers and influences capital to support scalable solutions to climate change. It is purpose built to organize investors around forward-looking emissions impact methodology and reporting best practices; its principle aims are improving Impact Measurement and Management standards for climate-driven investments and galvanizing a network of leadership around transparency and collaboration.

The dashboard spotlights CAST Highlight for its software intelligence capabilities that provide rapid actionable insights across a portfolio of applications by understanding the health, impact, composition, and green impact of source code. By plugging directly into source code repositories and analyzing applications in minutes, it identifies software code patterns or “green deficiencies” that waste resources and can be optimized with design and development changes, enabling firms to make modifications that lower energy expenditure and greenhouse gas emission with more economical, resilient, and efficient software.

As of June 2023, the Project Frame community consists of 753 community members, including 257 investors, representing $8.47 trillion in total assets under management and $444 billion in venture capital and private equity assets under management.

“Being featured by Project Frame is both a recognition and proof point of CAST’s commitment to green software,” said CAST Highlight Vice President Greg Rivera. “We’re looking forward to collaborating to maximally empower digital leaders to understand their software’s green impact.” To find out more, check out the GHG Impact Resource Dashboard here.

About CAST

CAST, the software intelligence leader, provides software that ‘understands’ multi-technology software systems and automatically derives insights about their inner workings–interactions between all its elements, transaction flows, data access paths, changes needed to move to cloud, open-source risks, green impact, ISO 5055 compliance, etc. It is used globally by thousands of digital leaders, helping them make smarter decisions, maintain, and transform custom software with greater speed, and exert better ongoing control of the risks involved. Visit castsoftware.com.