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7N Digital Advisory adds CAST’s Software Intelligence to complement their 7N Performance Platform

Paris and Copenhagen – 10/29/2020 - CAST, the leader in Software Intelligence, announced a partnership with 7N, an elite agency specialized in supporting organizations and companies solve complex IT challenges.

Many organizations don’t have insights into the size, scope and power of a given project. 7N has developed an analysis suite called 7N Performance Platform, which provides a tangible way to measure, compare, evaluate, and predict the performance of teams on a given project.

“Would you start an extreme car race without knowing what engine is under your hood or how much gasoline you have? Well, you actually did, if you started a digital transformation without knowing the scope of your task or how many horsepower your development team has,” says Jeppe Hedaa, CEO of 7N.

As a premier CAST partner, 7N Digital Advisory consultants are certified specialists in CAST’s two analysis platforms. CAST Highlight and Application Intelligence Platform performs rapid analysis of custom applications on the portfolio and individual level, providing insights into cloud readiness, open source risk, code defects, and opportunities for refactoring, consolidation, and retirement.

Capabilities of CAST Highlight and AIP will complement 7N’s analysis suite; the 7N Performance Platform, to help clients quantify the capacity of their IT organization and support them with data-driven insights that allow for prioritizing of focus areas and mitigation of risks that will increase performance.

“Many leading consulting organizations rely on software intelligence from CAST to objectively assess and raise client’s development team performance resulting in faster time to benefit and more resilient software for the end client” says Alexandre Charlet, General Manager of Northern Europe at CAST.

Integrating software intelligence from CAST into the 7N Performance Platform provides an unparalleled ability for 7N to quantify the risks that are causing IT challenges for clients.


About 7N
7N is an agency for high-end IT professionals and digital advisory specializing in helping and supporting organizations and companies solve complex IT challenges. 7N’s Digital Advisory is a data-driven IT advisory branch specializing in helping clients quantify and drive performance by:

•    Accelerate productivity – Helping clients build high performing digital teams
•    Boost efficiency - Helping clients enable a mature digital organization
•    Strengthen quality - Helping clients increase digital readiness of applications


About CAST
CAST is the market leader in Software Intelligence, achieving for software what MRI has for medicine: unprecedented visibility. Backed by almost $200 million in R&D, CAST technology drives IT automation at the world’s largest systems integrators and generates insight into complex systems by scanning and understanding software structure, architecture and composition. Customers rely on CAST to make fact-based decisions, see their architectures, security threats and ensure the safety and soundness of business applications and software products. Visit www.castsoftware.com.