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Monitoring Application Service Providers with Vendor Performance Metrics

Does your organization struggle with determining how much value is supplied by your application service providers?

Application quality or non-conformance to IT standards creating excessive maintenance and rework efforts?

Do you know how much effort “should” have been expended to complete a development project?


As your organization works with outside vendors, it is essential to understand the value received from these outsourced services. Organizations capable of using a formalized system or method to track and assess performance receive dependable results at the most optimal cost. It is all too common to focus strictly on price; however, companies must also view value based on the provided stability, reliability, and overall quality of vendor deliverables. Vendor performance metrics provide an objective method for evaluating current value and insight into the necessary actions to improve this business area.


Vendor Performance Metrics: Putting Organizations Back Into Control

How do you know if vendors are adding or removing risks to your business?

How do you know if they are following architecture and coding standards?

Are suppliers missing critical vulnerabilities or providing applications with coding defects?

Will the delivered software have a flawless implementation or create extensive problems for your infrastructure?

Vendor performance metrics are an objective, consistent method for evaluating the delivered end product to determine:

  • Technical Risk
  • Cost
  • Value to the organization
  • System Reliability
  • System Performance
  • Overall Quality
  • Conformance to industry standards or regulations

Vendor performance metrics serve as the basis of effective benchmarking. Standard, consistent measures needed for continuously and fairly monitoring the value are supplied by vendors for each outsourced development project. Imagine being able to determine the amount of completed functionality and then having the ability to assess the effort required to complete them. That is what vendor performance metrics offer and the reason why they have become imperative to organizations relying on outsourcing providers for new applications, enhancements, or software maintenance activities.

CAST provides an enterprise-driven solution that utilizes vendor performance metrics to assess each program delivered by a third party. Our Application Intelligence Platform (AIP) is capable of assessing multiple languages at any point in the development lifecycle. It can be used to determine the exact quality and effort supplied by outside providers. If your vendors are calling the shots, then it is time to gain the information you need to turn the tables.

To learn more about what AIP can do to help you better manage vendors and increase received value click here.