Software Modernization For the Workplace


Modernization is something that all organizations and companies strive for when updating their systems. It is a way to ensure that you stay on the cutting edge of technology and innovation. Software modernization takes the software on your system that has been running for a longer time and modernizes it to fit in with the existing user interfaces and data management structure that you have.

When it is done correctly, modernization will completely change the way you do business and add extreme value. Done incorrectly, it will cause instability and shutdowns within your software that require complex maintenance and extended downtimes.

What is Software Modernization?

Software modernization includes all of the interfaces and distributed systems that you and your employees use on a daily basis. Sometimes called a legacy system, this is the interface that most people within your company know and appreciate because they’ve used it for a long time. However, it may have started to break down.

Software modernization takes your existing software and converts, rewrites, and ports it to the existing application, using a new language that utilizes different hosting platforms, protocols, and libraries. The goal of software modernization is to completely transform your systems and extend the value of them, instead of just buying something new. With software modernization, you may be able to keep the basic structure of your software and only change what you want or what doesn’t work.

Software modernization is an entirely different task for each company or organization. There is no “one size fits all” format here. Sometimes, you will want to supplement the web front end or use the software as a new application that will transform your old information. Often, you may just completely replace the old software with new software that does the same thing.

Benefits of Software Modernization

After updating the web interface or the application, you will see even more improvement thanks to continuous software modernization. This will not only make employees more productive; it will improve user satisfaction. Mobile and tablet browsing will be more accessible as well.

Ongoing software modernization is less costly when compared to replacement because it preserves your current system and makes small changes, requiring less training and learning than some of the other methods for modernization.

Software Modernization Techniques and Approaches

For many companies and organization, it is standard to take existing apps and modernize them while working to maintain parts of them as well. Using your IT team, software modernization is possible, because it is something that they do every day. However, while maintenance and modernization do go hand in hand, they are difficult to sync up once started. Software modernization doesn’t happen in many companies because the task seems too daunting. Once caught up, however, it is easy to do for your team. Simply make it a daily, weekly, monthly, and/or yearly task and see how easy it is.

Software Modernization Trends

Software modernization on a consistent basis is the latest trend. Making changes within your business will also change your software needs, as does the ever-evolving world of technology. Software modernization allows you to plan for changes and anticipate what you need.

For most, software modernization starts with the user interface and making everything mobile friendly. Then, you will have to anticipate what is the most crucial step. We have a software modernization roadmap that helps to anticipate your needs and even plan for things like busy seasons and downtimes.

Software Modernization Services: Schedule a Call Today

Our software modernization services help you to keep costs down and reduce the amount of stress put on your IT team, keeping them open to create value and maintain your business. Our specialists provide you with the support for the most prominent questions and the smallest details. We can help you to make decisions about renewals, replacements, retirements, enhancements, consolidation, and rebuilding applications that you already use.

We will extend the life of your legacy applications while significantly decreasing the costs when compared to replacement. With our help, this process won’t interrupt your business for extended amounts of time. The results will be a more manageable, sustainable solution for your applications and platforms. Contact us today to get started – the earlier we can begin, the sooner you can be modernized.

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