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IFPUG Function Point Analysis

usiness continually complain about time-to-market of new features?

If you don't have good answers for these questions, then IFPUG's function point analysis may be a useful tool for your organization to consider.

IFPUG Function Point Analysis Global Standard in Software Development


The International Function Point Users Group (IFPUG) is a global non-profit organization based in the United States. The organization consists of function point analysis users and offers a set of standard counting practices for professional use along with certification opportunities. IFPUG function point standards are used globally to determine software quality, risk, compliance, productivity, and complexity. IFPUG owns Function Point Analysis (FPA) as defined in ISO standard 20296:2009, which specifies the definitions, rules and steps for applying the IFPUG's functional size measurement (FSM) method. Function point analysis is the process of sizing software based on the number of business functions an application must accomplish. It eliminates the need to tediously go through each line of code to determine if an application meets business needs and has the required quality. Function Point Analysis provides your organization with the ability to:

  • Establish Development Team and Vendor Productivity
  • Identify Software Engineering Process Inefficiencies
  • Measure ADM Process Improvement Effectiveness

Function point analysis metrics make it possible to accurately measure productivity and developer efficiency over specified time frames to gain insight on current development activities. This form of analysis is applicable at any point in the development phase.

Use IFPUG Function Point Analysis to Improve Productivity

Function point analysis software offers an automated solution to the task of evaluating a codebase. It also makes the tedious process of identifying, classifying, and measuring end user needs an easy task. Function points are a unit of measurement used to quantify and measure end user requirements within an application. Function point analysis is applied to quantify and measure several items:

  • Received Functionality
  • Team or Individual Productivity
  • Vendor Performance

Function point analysis software provides the insight an organization requires to identify improvement areas within the software development process. By using the results from this assessment, your organization will be able to reduce maintenance costs, mitigate risks, and get more from the development team.

Additional function point analysis benefits are the ability to assess the size of an application and to evaluate its ability to meet business or user requirements. It also serves as a productivity solution for evaluating the work completed by your team based on defined units. CAST offers a function point analysis solution to help with these typical organizational struggles. Our Application Intelligence Platform (AIP) is an option for assessing internally or externally developed applications and finding beneficial areas of improvement within your infrastructure.

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