Function Points: The Basis for Accurately Measuring Productivity in a Multifaceted Infrastructure


While developer tools today allow programmers to generate large numbers of applications with enhanced features quickly - determining the size, complexity, and risk of each deployment has proven to be a highly difficult task. Are your developers or vendors performing at industry levels of performance? Can you accurately measure development team output to determine productivity, risk, complexity, and quality?

An automated solution that generates functional size, as well as analyzing code, will help your organization better:

  • Evaluate Software Quality
  • Assess Team or Vendor Productivity
  • Regulate Infrastructure Standards
  • Identify Areas of Improvement
  • Measure Application Size, Complexity, and Risk

Function points provide a standard unit of measurement for analyzing a complex system as smaller, more manageable components. They can be compared to other measurements such as using hours to track time or the mile for distance. Their purpose is to break an application into understandable pieces in order to acquire more accurate analysis results.

Why Use Function Points to Analyze Software Source Code?

Function points make it possible to analyze business functions as an individual unit within an application regardless of utilized languages, development methods, or the type of hardware platform. The required amount of effort for delivering individual or sets of business functions is the only variable. This form of application analysis delivers a simple, reliable method for evaluating and comparing productivity levels of each application, environment, utilized language, and developers.

By using function points, your organization is able to step away from analyzing individual lines of code to a more unified approach capable of providing accurate measurements for each individual application implemented within an infrastructure. Each unit of measurement is a business function the application will perform to meet specific user needs or fulfill business requirements. Categorization allows every business function to be properly analyzed for a meaningful score, which can then be used to further evaluate productivity, quality, and several other factors within a complex, multi-tiered infrastructure.

Check out this video from David Consulting Group about Using Function Points.

Ease the Workload Behind Achieving Accurate Code Analysis

Function points can be used to determine where productivity improvements are possible. Automated function point analysis software provides accurate, relevant information regarding the productivity of applications, languages, environments, and individuals.

CAST offers an automated function point analysis solution to help your organization effectively manage application quality, risk, and complexity.

Contact us today to see how function points make it easier to manage the not-so-obvious critical factors of your infrastructure.

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