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CIO Dashboard: You Can't Drive by Looking in the Rear View Mirror

In theory, CIO dashboards display key performance indicators in support of faster, better decision making; however, in some areas of IT, traditional measures are typically reactive and often difficult to collect in a consistent and accurate manner. Plenty of data is available about development and project management processes, yet the industry struggles to measure the systems that run the business effectively and consistently.



Certainly measures of system availability, outages, and defects are available, but they are reactive in that they are looking at incidents that occurred in the past. CIOs require reliable, proactive metrics that support better decision making, help to prevent incidents, and improve development efficiency; such as:

  • Technical Complexity
  • Software Risk (Stability, Security, Efficiency)
  • Technical Debt
  • ADM Team Productivity
  • Quality and Quantity of Application Service Providers

Specifications of a Modern CIO Dashboard

Effective CIO dashboards link business functions and value to IT capabilities. Only then can you begin to understand the impact of IT investment decisions on the health and performance of your business. Several other considerations are important for current CIO dashboard design.

  • Keeping track of how application service providers are performing, via high level vendor scorecards
  • Analytics and trending regarding anything that impacts IT responsiveness and time to market
  • Benchmarks and data to identify cost saving opportunities, or enable shifting of resources to better align to business value
  • All the data needs to be reliable, consistently collected, timely, and accurate
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Having the right data to make informed decisions is essential to enable the CIO's office to manage the organization's performance and reliability.

Accurate, Repeatable Time Data = Better Results

CIO dashboards must provide realistic, accurate, and actionable information to ensure the right decisions are made. CAST Application Intelligence Platform (AIP) offers a CIO dashboard with the data your organization needs to stay on top of pertinent IT issues. As a result, your organization remains current on development activities through CIO dashboard metrics, centered on real application data.


European Medicines Agency - CIO Dashboard Software
"CAST is being used for 20 of our information systems as a continual measure of software quality. Measuring software quality and technical debt will be one of the main topics for CIOs for the next few years."
Dr. Hans Wagner, CIO, European Medicines Agency
Thomas Tik
"Overall, we have achieved a 230% increase in application functionality with a 20% annual cost reduction over 3 years [using CAST]."
Thomas Tik, Chief Architect & Development Manager, Allianz
Paul Hermelin , CEO, Capgemini
"CAST will lead to significant automation of our quality control activities worldwide."
Paul Hermelin , CEO, Capgemini
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