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Application Portfolio Management (APM)


The majority of companies and government agencies have a large, dispersed IT infrastructure, which means that systems operate in silos, often with duplicate functionality. Despite recommendations from analysts, organizations have made little progress in managing their portfolios. As the most obvious cost-cutting alternatives vanish, organizations must ultimately find out what kind of systems they possess.

Is your organization struggling with identifying IT cost savings opportunities or having difficulties keeping portfolios in line with defined business objectives? If so, an application portfolio management (APM) service may be used to perform rapid inventory analysis for an improved view of complexity, inefficiencies, and application maintenance costs.



Application Portfolio Management Tool - Highlight

CAST Highlight enables rapid portfolio discovery and analysis - identifying technical vulnerabilities and opportunities to reduce IT cost.

Rapid inventory of 100+ applications in 1 week.

Fact-based discovery of portfolio vulnerabilities and cost drivers.

Reduce the cost and complexity of application portfolios with confidence.

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What is Application Portfolio Management (APM)?

Application portfolio management, or APM, is a method for applying beneficial business analytics, such as cost benefit analysis, to improve IT decision-making. The ability to evaluate each application within enterprise architecture provides an opportunity to score these infrastructure components on factors such as:

  • Size
  • Age
  • Significance
  • Performance
  • Number of Users

Information obtained through proper application portfolio management can be used to determine where improvements should be made and how, based on the justification of measurable factors.

Helping You Achieve Application Portfolio Management Goals

"Our business is rapidly changing and it's fair to say that our application landscape - both in its complexity and its lack of flexibility - is now more an inhibitor to innovation than a driver of it." - CIO Internet Service Provider

CAST offers a platform-based design to help organizations quickly and objectively analyze applications to detect current levels of weakness and complexity. Metrics are based on system size, technical risk, and technical debt to further rationalize decisions and better manage your current portfolio. Rapid, data-driven portfolio analysis helps organizations to:

  • Effectively Shift Resources
  • Reduce Portfolio Complexity
  • Decrease IT Costs
  • Improve Business Innovation
  • Better Meet Governance Standards
  • Align Investment Decisions with Organizational Strategies
  • Increase Time-to-Value

If application portfolio management is proving to be a struggle for your organization, CAST offers a fast, accurate solution to provide objective insight that increases business value from your deployed applications.

Click Here: Analyze Your 10 Most Critical Applications Free.