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Application Portfolio Assessment

Large, complex IT systems at companies makes application portfolio assessment one of the most time consuming and difficult tasks you can undertake. At times, applications will exist only in silos and they can run for years doing the same thing as something else – and no one noticed. With smaller application portfolios, this is still possible as well. Many organizations, whether they have a large application portfolio or a small one, do not manage their portfolios at all. Instead, they sit back and allow things to get extremely difficult, both from a budgetary standpoint and a development one. Application portfolio assessment from CAST Highlight allows you to figure out what types of systems that you have and how your focus and energy can be better utilized toward your goals and performance.

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Application portfolio assessment helps those that cannot identify their IT opportunities of any kind, in their budgets, with planning, in consolidation, or even opportunities in rationalization. Application portfolio assessment services will help you to perform that assessment and then understand the results of it for an improved look at things like inefficiencies, complexities, and maintenance costs.


CAST Highlight’s Application Portfolio Assessment

CAST Highlight’s application portfolio assessment solution allows for a rapid assessment AND analysis of your application portfolio, thus helping companies, IT leaders, and CIOs to identify any technical vulnerabilities as well as opportunities. This will reduce IT costs and allow for software development that is more effective.


CAST Highlight’s application portfolio assessment solution is able to inventory over 100 applications per week, giving you quick and accurate results on your portfolio vulnerabilities, cost drivers, and opportunities. After a thorough application portfolio assessment, you will be able to reduce both the cost and complexities of your application portfolio.


What is Application Portfolio Assessment?

Application portfolio assessment, also known as APA, is a method that scans and analyzes your applications, applying analytics to them. With our solution, you are able to see the cost benefit score, which will help to make accurate decisions in IT development. Our application portfolio assessment solution scores each and every application within your portfolio, allowing you to document and score based on:

  • Cost
  • Performance
  • Size
  • Significance
  • Number of Users
  • Age
  • And many other factors

Once you see these results that are laid out and explained in a way that is easy to understand, you will be able to make better decisions.

Application Portfolio Assessment Benefits

Why is application portfolio assessment so important for IT leaders and CIOs? The entire process helps you to make IT and business decisions that are justified through measurable factors – this takes a lot of the guesswork out of IT management. It can also help for planning budgets, talking to stakeholders, and even in hiring decisions.

You’ll gain unprecedented access to your application portfolio and ongoing governance capabilities, including:

  • Software health measurement against KPIs and past performance;
  • Cloud readiness, including blockers
  • Complexity and cost of your software portfolio;
  • Application risk;
  • Investment opportunities;
  • Retirement options;
  • Early detection of issues;
  • Offshoring

Application portfolio assessment leverages IT benchmarks and KPIs from within your specific industry, allowing you to see how your applications compare to your industry peers and competition. When using CAST Highlight’s application portfolio assessment solution, you’ll get unprecedented access to information on technology, application type or exposure, team skills and turnover ratio, total end-users, and much more that will make it easier to compete.

Application Portfolio Assessment from CAST Highlight

CAST Highlight provides the solution for application portfolio assessment– an objective, unbiased view of the application portfolio. It focuses on application risks, the effort required to maintain and upgrade the application and the technical complexity of the portfolio.

WIth CAST Highlight’s solution, you will be able to:

Baseline Your Portfolio: Get a fact-based assessment of your critical applications in just a few days.

Segment to Prioritize: Identify applications that are good candidates for changes: merges, retirements, modernizations.

Set Objectives: Understand what you need to do to get to the next level – and build a plan to get there.

Continuous Monitoring: Maintaining connection to your key metrics to track health and improvement continuously.

CAST Highlight’s application portfolio assessment software rationalizes and optimizes your application portfolio, giving CIOs, IT leaders, team members, and even stakeholders a chance better understand what they need to do in order to improve governance, optimize application portfolios, and make budgetary adjustments. Our solution facilitates application portfolio analysis and helps to provide an assessment of risk, cost, documentation, complexity, and strategy. Not knowing the health of your applications can lead to problems into the future with the management and upkeep of your application portfolio.

If you are interested in our application portfolio rationalization solution, schedule a free demo today.