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Application Outsourcing: Assessing Service Provider Value

Application outsourcing allows many companies to lower total cost of ownership and leverage the technical expertise of an outside provider. If your organization outsources to gain development experience or to meet tight deadlines, then it is essential to have knowledge about the value supplied by these vendors. How do you know if the application meets business requirements or complies with defined infrastructure standards? Are vendors providing software that jeopardizes security or fails to meet PCI compliance standards?

If your vendors are not providing the required code quality, then infrastructure security or performance could suffer. Application outsourcing management allows an organization to assess worth and verify upon delivery that all standards are met. Automated code analysis software helps an organization to accurately evaluate received quality and vendor productivity in order to determine where improvements can be made.

Application Outsourcing Management: Gain Control of Vendor Output


Application outsourcing is the process of hiring a service provider to develop or enhance a piece of software for business use. Developed software must meet certain quality and infrastructure standards to deliver value to an organization. If it does not, then a company could be wasting valuable IT resources to alleviate security, performance, or codebase problems resulting from the provided piece of software. Application outsourcing management involves evaluating vendors to ensure they are supplying the desired value and fulfilling business requirements.


If your organization is outsourcing development projects, then a way to analyze the end product and detect code problems upfront is imperative. Not knowing what is being delivered can result in:

  • Performance Degradation
  • PCI Compliance Failures
  • Security Vulnerabilities
  • Poor Code Quality
  • Higher Technical Debt
  • Increased Maintenance Time

Application outsourcing can result in undetected vulnerabilities capable of causing system-wide failures, security breaches, and compliance issues. These are harder to identify because they do not often surface until implementation. Additionally, your organization will suffer amplified IT expenses due to these issues.

Automated Analysis Can Help You Gain the Upper Hand

Automated code analysis solutions make it possible to use a base measurement for continuously monitoring vendor performance, mitigating software risk, and finding ways to boost received value. These solutions are able to assess quality, complexity, and size of applications at the code level without reading each individual line of source code. An automated solution helps organizations determine what quality is supplied at time of delivery, ensure infrastructure standards are met, and catch critical vulnerabilities prior to implementation. Don't let application outsourcing be the downfall of your infrastructure!

Contact CAST today to see how automated code analysis software can help you gain improved value from application outsourcing.