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Application Modernization: Update Your Apps, Improve Your Functionality

Application modernization helps legacy software programming align more closely with what a business currently needs by refactoring and consolidating it to meet new needs. It is a somewhat complicated process that requires skill and technique as well as an eye for strategy and details.

This is a task that, while technically something that many IT teams can do, often requires a more experienced, skillful hand in order to be successful.

What is Application Modernization?


App modernization strategies and services address the switch from legacy to keeping up with application modernization trends. The goal is to integrate new functionality and introduce new business value from existing applications.

To start, one must understand what an application is. An application is a program that has been designed to perform a specific function for a user or for another application. It is usually developed with a singular purpose in mind. Over time, this becomes a legacy application. However, it is very easy for legacy software to become outdated and require updates so that it can continue to be compatible with existing operating systems and hardware – or just so that you can continue to compete. As you change your hardware (or eliminate it entirely through cloud migration), the needs of your applications may change.


Application Modernization and Migration Trends

Traditionally, application modernization was a strenuous and manual activity that required rewriting application code that already exists in COBOL form to something that is modernized and more web-friendly. The hope was to salvage existing parts of the code and use it to provide value. Unfortunately, there are some hardships with this method because it severely interrupts the business process. Ultimately, many apps are hardcoded and too tightly coupled with other parts of the legacy code, and the system starts to break down.

Throughout this process, an IT team faces considerable pressure to do more – but with many organizations and businesses running almost wholly on legacy applications, it can be overwhelming. The teams simply cannot focus on application modernization while keeping costs down, because, by the time the application has been modernized, it may be time to start the process all over again.

Application Modernization Tools and Strategies

Some of the business modernization tools and strategies include re-platforming, rearchitecting, re-hosting, replacements, retirement, and interoperability. Even more, it can include changes to the application architecture itself in order to clarify choices and options.

Application modernization tools help you to extract the value from your existing applications while reducing costs. At the same time, you will find that your application portfolios are more manageable than before. While working through application modernization, your business will face limited disruption and decreased risk when working with stable, trustworthy application modernization tools.

Our team is comprised of professionals who excel in application modernization strategies, technology, and app modernization implementation. We focus on providing you with insightful, useful information about your applications. Using our modernization tools, we can accelerate and automate the process, ensuring a positive result each time.

Application Modernization Roadmap

When working with our team, we will create an application modernization roadmap that will improve your applications, reduce overlapping, and limit maintenance costs. To do this, we use our modernization tools to measure your systems and analyze them, probing for problem areas and making knowledge-based decisions on which applications are adequate and healthy enough to continue onward, and which ones need application modernization. This hierarchy allows us to prioritize what is the most important to do.

Application Modernization Services: Call Us Today

Our application modernization services help you to keep costs down and reduce the amount of stress put on your IT team, keeping them open to create value and maintain your business. Our specialists provide you with the support for the most prominent questions and the smallest details. We can help you to make decisions about renewals, replacements, retirements, enhancements, consolidation, and rebuilding applications that you already use.

We will extend the life of your legacy applications while significantly decreasing the costs when compared to replacement. With our help, this process won’t interrupt your business for extended amounts of time. The results will be a more manageable, sustainable solution for your applications and platforms. Contact us today to get started – the earlier we can start, the sooner you can be modernized.