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Application Maintenance Services


An investment in application maintenance services is one of the most important software solutions for companies who want to keep maintenance costs low. With the ever-changing demands in today’s technical world, the release of application updates need to be much quicker than ever before but it still has to be accurate and effective. On-going maintenance can help to keep costs low but can cost significant manpower. Application maintenance can help to keep those profit margins large, ensure optimal quality, and reduce the energy expenditure of your team.

Your application suite has to perform at optimal levels in today’s business environment. Applications are critical to the daily functioning of your business, and application failure can result in lost sales, reputation destruction, and general confusion. It is important that you engage in reliable, experienced application maintenance services to maintain your environment.


Application maintenance services use a specific approach that combines the expertise of dedicated teams, industry-leading software, and constant testing of performance. This service allows you to catch any problems before they can affect something down the chain.

Benefits of Application Maintenance and Support Services

When investing in application maintenance services, your company is able to optimize maintenance cost and performance. It helps you to manage your timelines, enhance performance, and catch recurring fixes as soon as possible. Even better, it allows your teams to focus on the tasks at hand, not on tasks that are ongoing in the back of their minds.

At the same time, CAST Software’s application maintenance services can help to push your applications into the next era, optimizing for the Cloud, building trusted code, and identifying the critical flaws that really matter.

Mobile Application Maintenance Services

Mobile application maintenance services help to evaluate the end-user experience and the component level performance of your mobile applications. These services for iOS and Android based applications are based on best practices and persistent upgrades.

The focus of mobile application maintenance services is on reviewing applications online and on mobile, testing the applications, fixing any bugs that occur at the code or surface level, incorporating the latest trends and tricks, enhancing user experience, assistance in moving to the cloud, responding to queries or report, migrating applications to different platforms, and optimizing security maintenance.

Part of mobile application maintenance services should include app crash monitoring, security reviews, integrations, performance monitoring, analytics, source code versioning, and vendor monitoring.

AMS Application Maintenance Services

AMS (application maintenance services) help to support organizations and companies that need to outsource some of their workloads. With AMS, time to value is very important – these services need to be timely in order to be effective. The services include everything minor application enhancements, upgrades, new product or application rollouts, optimization, and general servicing. It is incredibly important that these services are delivered by high qualified sources who can leverage AMS experience and business knowledge to help maximize the output.

Web Application Maintenance Services

There are many benefits to web application maintenance services – ranging from surface level to deeper changes. Web application maintenance services allow your IT team to be more strategic in the changes and adjustments that you make. It allows your team to drive value out of your application portfolio. Instead of just having one, application maintenance services allow you to get the full value out of your IT staff and portfolio.

When selecting web application maintenance services, your partner needs to be able to adapt to meet your demands and the needs of your industry. Forming a trusting relationship is key, but sometimes even more important is knowing that your services can adjust to fit the demands of your IT team and operations.

In the end, application maintenance services are important because they help to provide an exceptional value for your company while taking away some of your overhead. Clients can easily get AMS services on-demand and have constant access to the information necessary to make changes, shifts, or migrations.

CAST insight into applications can identify areas of complexity, high technical debt and risk; all of which lead to application maintenance challenges. For more information about seeing into your critical or legacy systems contact us today or take a look our informational slideshow.