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CAST is the market leader in Software Intelligence, with unique technology backed by $150 million in software analysis and measurement R&D. CAST technology helps digital leaders and doers see the truth, become software geniuses and deliver super software - resilient, responsive, safe and secure software. Hundreds of companies rely on CAST to improve end-user satisfaction and time-to-market, prevent business disruption and reduce cost. Founded in 1990, CAST operates globally with offices in North America, Europe, India and China.

Achieving efficient Agile at scale and high-reliable DevOps adoption in organizations is often inhibited by geographically distributed teams, cultural resistance and lack of automation levers.

To address these challenges Infosys and CAST software have joined forces to provide a platform-based approach for DevOps augmented with Software Intelligence.

Join us as for a joint webinar about the state of the art in digital transformation, hosted by local software development leader Euvic, together with global software intelligence experts from CAST.

Cambridge, MA

The MIT Sloan CIO Symposium is a community of CEOs, CIOs and senior IT executives who connect with academic thought leaders, their practicing peers and IT partners at a one-day conference. CIOs and other senior business executives from around the world gather to explore how leading-edge academic research and innovative technologies can help address the practical challenges faced in today's volatile business environment and economy. CAST is a proud sponsor.