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CAST is the pioneer and leader of Application Intelligence. CAST Application Intelligence Platform empowers Application Development (AD) organizations by delivering to all in IT invaluable information about software applications automatically extracted from source code. With CAST, IT Managers receive high-level unbiased metrics to improve decisions about applications and teams. Development teams share and better understand detailed technical information about applications' structure to improve productivity, quality and predictability. Finally, software quality engineers gain action-oriented quality rules compliance reports and indexes to control and enforce code & architecture quality. CAST drastically improves AD activities such as software maintenance, outsourcer control, software quality management or application integration and modernization to name a few.

CAST is listed on Compartment C - Eurolist by Euronext Paris. To date, CAST has invested over $95M in R&D. Created in 1990, CAST serves Fortune 500 customers with a network of 11 fully-staffed offices in the US and Europe. CAST is a recognized leader by all major IT analysts.

Security and QA are becoming more linked in modern app dev, but that connection is misunderstood in most organizations. We will be exploring in this webinar with Paul Poh, Managing Partner - Tixzy Consulting and Lev Lesokhin EVP, Strategy and Analytics at CAST how leading QA teams get involved to ensure high-security software and how App Sec pro’s leverage their QA teams.

While the merit of Risk-based testing models is proven, it overlooks two vital factors – the structural quality of the system under test and the degree to which complex system objects and transactions have been changed in the development cycle. We will be exploring in this 30-mins webinar with Jeff Van Fleet, President the CEO at Lighthouse how the early identification of system-level weaknesses and areas of high complexity can improve test efficiency while expanding coverage.