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Accelerate Software Development

Boost Application Development & Maintenance (ADM) teams’ productivity by up to 15%

Developers spend 58% their time comprehending source code and architecture*


Why? Business-critical applications are made of millions of lines of code, with thousands of components across multiple layers and technologies, and hardly any blueprint or map to guide the developers.

Raising Developer Productivity

A Practical Guide

Raising Developer Productivity

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(*) IEEE study: Measuring program comprehension

CAST Imaging reverse-engineers entire custom-built applications into complete, accurate, zoomable blueprints, providing “Google Maps” for your architecture

Faster onboarding of new developers


CAST Imaging's capability to visualize and navigate the entire application reduces newcomers and internal moves ramp-up time by 20% to 35%

  • Self-navigating the entire architecture
  • Understanding all the dependencies
  • Learning from shared and documented views
Boost onboarding

Less time spent making changes


CAST Imaging’s complete & precise architecture view including database structures, code components, and interdependencies accelerate application changes by up to 15%

  • Identifying impacted artifacts
  • Estimating and documenting changes
  • Defining test coverages
Accelerate maintenance

Safer and faster modernization


CAST Imaging enables identification of candidates for decoupling and refactoring, and reduces rearchitecting and transformation efforts by up to 10%

  • Isolating highly coupled artifacts
  • Discovering microservices candidates
  • Monitoring of adherence to target designs
Faster modernization

Visualizing all interdependencies and structural detail of complex software applications can dramatically raise productivity

ROI basis for Productivity time Improvement

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What our clients experienced


"Using CAST makes teams 10-20% more productive."

Ramesh Chandrasekaran
COO Nordics


"Shines a bright light into the dark corners of the applications."

Waheed Mahmoud
Executive Partner


"CAST helps in understanding the existing architectures and speed up the application development."

Aditi Kulkarni
Global Assets Engineering Lead