CAST Application Intelligence Platform


CAST Application Intelligence Platform (AIP), a result of over $130M in R&D investment over two decades, is an enterprise-grade software measurement and quality analysis solution designed to analyze multi-tiered, multi-technology applications for technical vulnerabilities and adherence to architectural and coding standards and then provide business relevant information to the IT organization through various dashboards and products built with end users in mind.

Why AIP is Different

CAST AIP differs from others on four key requirements of good measurement and quality that no other product can provide.

  • Accuracy: System-level analysis evaluates the true health of your applications. It looks across the quality of individual software components, the quality of the interactions between those components, and the access to data layers.
  • Precision: Unique ability to identify only the critical violations that really matter, i.e the hard-to-find architectural flaws the result of deviations from good architectural coding practices, which may lead to severe stability, performance, security and data integrity issues
  • Standard: All analytics computed based on industry standards including CISQ, OMG, and CWE to make measurement comparable and understandable
  • Enterprise-grade: CAST delivers the ability to analyze any data structure and the millions of lines of code across multiple technologies, components, and frameworks working with your data. It’s how you build your enterprise-grade applications and it’s how we analyze them.

The CAST Application Intelligence platform

The CAST Application Intelligence platform visualize “as is” architecture and provide automated inspection to understand what connects to sensitive data structures. It identifies data call pathways that are safe and which are intrinsically vulnerable to attack; understand what controls are needed to prevent common attacks; and can enforce new architectural constructs to keep the most sensitive data secure.

CAST for Security