Technical Due-Diligence

Rapidly analyze the condition of critical software being acquired


The Problem

Today, the application landscape is a black box for companies looking to make a strategic acquisition. The company can objectively evaluate the Financials of a target company, but the IT assets of the company go largely unassessed – even when their custom software is the primary valuation driver. Acquirers can only guess, using interviews, that what they’re buying is of good quality – until now.

The Solution

CAST Highlight allows organizations to get a rapid view of the target’s application portfolio. In a matter of days, the acquiring company can get an objective view of the portfolio – assessing the risk, complexity and cost of what they’re buying. Integrating these metrics into the overall M&A process gives acquiring companies the confidence to bid (pre-merger) or integrate (post-merger) appropriately.

Risk Prevention

Quickly assess risk
What is the overall risk of this portfolio you are acquiring?  Do certain applications have a high risk of failure in production?

Identify the overall complexity & adaptability risks of the acquired assets.


Document the technical landscape
Do you have enough skills in those technologies to support the acquired applications?

Estimate the FTE load
Does each application have the right level of effort required?  Measure the as-is against industry standards to find out.

Smart Decision

Identify the most business-critical applications
You’ll want to have a specific plan for those so nothing breaks in transition.

Anticipate & prioritize
Anticipate & prioritize the IT investments to ensure a smooth and managed integration/handover.

  • Highlight is a really helpful tool for an organization like us, it helped us in making strategic decision towards business investment.

    Frederic Veron, Fannie Mae
    SVP Head of Business Application Development
  • CAST complements our offerings in the technology space with hard facts and metrics.

    Benjamin Rehberg, BCG
    Partner & Managing Director

Key Features & Analytics

Fast & Easy

Taking control of your Application Portfolio has never been so easy. Onboard your applications in minutes and get fact-based analytics on software risks, technical debt & software maintenance costs.

Code-Level Analytics

Highlight identifies the missing piece in your APM puzzle: exclusive and fact-based insight on your software quality risks through a painless code-level analysis (SAP, COBOL, JEE, C#, C/C++, etc.)

Bank-Grade Security

Your code never leaves your environment.  In addition, we take care of the confidentiality, integrity & security of your application portfolio analytics & assessment – we’ve been certified ISO/IEC 27001:2013

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