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CAST for System

Winning more business
Improving delivery margins

Services firms today compete hard to help clients accelerate their journey to cloud and become digital enterprises. Meanwhile, the pressure is on to sustain and improve margins.

CAST provides actionable intelligence about the actual condition of custom-build software for SIs to assess the applications, accelerate the time to benefit, and lower the cost of delivery.

Winning More Business

CAST enables SIs to increase the win ratio on existing cloud refactoring and application modernization opportunities. More importantly, it can also unveil new ones.

"That ability to rapidly analyze for cloud readiness, resiliency, agility, to visualize the architecture, that's absolutely essential."

John Granger, SVP & COO Global Business Services, IBM, Accelerating Digital Transformation

Improving Delivery Margins

CAST augments the human capacity and enables increased automation for application service delivery. SI COOs and CDOs can improve application service productivity by 8-15%.

"In addition to productivity gains, we saw 30% savings in service introduction, 12% lower technical debt and 12% increase of application stability. Based on 1000+ implementations."

Aditi, Kulkarni, Global Assets Engineering Lead, Accenture, Modernizing Engineering

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Our Products


CAST Highlight

Performs rapid portfolio analysis using the source code. 100s of applications in a week. Integrates the insights with business context to rationalize portfolios, identify best candidates for modernization & cloud, manage resiliency & open source risk.

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CAST Highlight

CAST Imaging

Reverse engineers an entire application into an interactive, visual blueprint to enable faster application modernization and higher Application Development productivity.

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CAST Imaging & Boosters. Based on facts.

CAST Engineering & Management Dashboards

Deep application analysis with fine-grained intelligence about its structural condition, size, and otherwise undetectable flaws. Used for enhancing security, resiliency, efficiency, and maintainability of complex software systems.

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CAST Engineering & Management Dashboards

Systems integrators use CAST to win more business and improve their delivery margins

What Our Partners Experienced


"CAST complements our offerings with hard facts and metrics."

Benjamin Rehberg
Partner & Managing Director


"Easily detect the applications which are best candidates and easiest to migrate to cloud."

Samuel Metias
Agile & DevOps Lead


"Using CAST makes teams 10-20% more productive."

Ramesh Chandrasekaran
COO Nordics