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Development teams and sourcing partners are asked to deliver secure, safe, resilient and efficient products – yesterday. Yet, the underlying software grows more interconnected and complex daily. And the war for talent accelerates, so on-boarding developers quickly and responsibly is essential for rock-solid, fast delivery.

How IBM uses Software Intelligence to "Shift Left" and Enhance Development & Testing Tools

How Software Intelligence Enhances DevOps Tools and Processes

ADP: Benefits of Software Intelligence

Software Intelligence as part of the tool chain enables continuous delivery of impenetrable, watertight, responsive software.

  • Enhance the DevOps value chain by shifting defect interception left to quickly find the few critical flaws that cause production outages.
  • Ensure coding/architecture standards that lead to highly secure, resilient, efficient, and changeable software at optimum technical debt.
  • Enforce anti-intrusion programming and secure data access practices, protecting against both external and internal security threats.
  • Promote continuous learning by sharing software engineering best practices and insight into the software's inner-structure.

These customers trust CAST’s Software Intelligence to make smart IT decisions

Integrating system-level analysis into the DevOps pipeline provides the team with the software intelligence needed to increase development speed and reduce rework, while ensuring they drive down software risk in the final system.

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Code-scanning capabilities provide developers with feedback on incremental changes . Other code-scanning technologies, like those from CAST, provide architects with insights into code structure, modularity, and dependencies.

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CAST recognized by Gartner as a static analysis technology solution provider in DevOps space.




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