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Portfolio intelligence across all of your applications. We provide insight into hundreds of applications across 15+ languages.


The world's largest repository on Software Structural Quality. It provides IT leaders with factual analytics on how they stand vis a vis their market.


Application Intelligence Platform

We create intelligence into the most complex and sensitive applications by identifying the architectural and engineering vulnerabilities hidden with critical applications.

Application Analytics Dashboard

IT executive and business leader view into critical systems. We provide accurate, business relevant software intelligence to drive your business.

Application Engineering Dashboard

Engineering, Architect & QA team view into applications. We provide powerful system level structural flaw insight and remediation guidance.


A view into the structure of an application that helps engineers better understand the application, perform impact analysis and threat modeling.

Outcome of $150 million research and development effort over 20 years, CAST developed the most advanced X-ray technology for software. Technology to see what's being added into complex systems, to master their intrinsic complexity, detect security and resiliency flaws invisible to intrusion and stress tests. And produce analytics, metrics and intelligence to improve delivery efficiency and support development teams.

System-level analysis evaluates the true health of your applications. To weed out the noise it looks across the quality of individual software components, the quality of the interactions between those components, and the access to data layers.

Unique ability to identify the critical violations that really matter, i.e the hard-to-find architectural flaws that result from misaligned coding constructs that may lead to severe stability, performance, security and data integrity issues.

All analytics computed based on industry standards including CISQ, OMG, and CWE to make measurement comparable and understandable.

CAST delivers the ability to analyze any data structure and the millions of lines of code across multiple technologies, components, and frameworks working with your data. Over 50 technologies covered. The largest application we've analyzed is 22 MLOC. Whatever way you build your enterprise-grade applications is how we analyze them.

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